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rainyinflorida 05-05-2010 06:05 PM

what would a typical day's menu for phase 1 look like?
I am trying to learn all I can about ideal protein, by cruising around all the threads here, so that I can begin on Monday. I have chose Monday, because my family has planned to take my mom, and myself out to eat a big fattening mother's day dinner on Sunday.:o
This also will give me more time to learn about this eating plan.
From what I have seen so far, it is very strict and limited, so I'm not sure how to plan a days menu.
No snacking I am assuming? are calories counted?
Any ideas would be very helpful!

LastStubborn10 05-05-2010 06:25 PM

No calorie counting but it is restrictive. If you go to the stickie's section you will get the actual phase I plan in a PDF format.

My typical day;

Morning: 1 multi-vitamin, 1 Cal-Potassium followed my a pre-mixed protein shake. (8 am ish)

lunch: Protein packet of some sort (there is a variety) and veggies and/or a salad (with oil and vinegar). (noonish)

Supper: Meat (Chicken, Fish, Beef, Pork) with more veggies and/or a salad. 3 more supplements 1 multi vitamin and 2 cal-mags

Evening: One more protien pack or shake or pudding

Before bed: 2 more cal-mags.

All while drinking a minium of 2.5 litres of water/day and having a minimum of 1 tsp of sea salt and 1 tbs of olive oil

** If I work out that day then I add one more protein pack or shake within 1 hour after working out**


kramer 05-06-2010 09:33 PM

you're right, it is quite strict and there is absolutely no snacking. I lost about 3 pounds my first week, but I'll be honest...I was starving and had bad headaches from sugar withdrawal. You have to be very dedicated to do it, but it's worth it. Good luck

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