IP Monthly Chat February 2010 Continued #3

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  • Leek soup: someone I know makes saute'd asparagus to add to it.

    Constipation: In addition to all the other tips, it seems that having an IP pudding as an evening snack also helps. And a big lettuce salad at dinner made with an olive oil dressing pushes things through also.

    Newbies: DO NOT SKIP your 3rd IP package. Even if you are not hungry, you need the protein before going to bed. Your body will break down your muscles during the night if you don't eat enough protein.

    Donuts: Any time sugar and fat are combined and eaten (milkshakes, cookies, pies) you are causing the perfect situation for lipogenesis which is the scientific term for "creation of fat." So let's change the name to "DONOTS."

    Candy: let's change the name to "CANTBE" as in "You can't be in ketosis if you eat this."

    Which reminds me of something an old Weight Watcher leader used to say:

    "Each and every activity can be categorized as either a weight gaining activity or a weight losing activity." Think about each of your daily activities and try to make them all weight losing activities.
  • Quote: Good Morning.....Could we have people who are following the IP diet eating one restricted food per day to post and let us know how you have done (are doing) on the diet and how much you are losing weekly. I'm reading so many posts lately from people who avoid the restricted items.

    Also, I'm having a serious problem with constipation since I started wk 3 (I'm in wk 4). On Dr. Trans website he says constipation is definitely the most common adverse effect of all diets, not just the protein diet and as a rule, only those who tend to be constipated even when not dieting, are affected. I've tried their recommendations for treatment along with eating lots of veggies and drinking more water than the diet calls for but still having problems. I'm wondering if maybe my system is just not cut out for this.
    Anyone else experiencing the same problem.

    I really don't want to give up on this diet and I enjoy the foods. My diets normally consists of breakfast a drink or omelette, lunch chicken soup with sauteed veggies (sometimes with a lettuce salad) and dinner is fish or chicken with veggies and salad and snack either pudding, bar or puffs. Loads of water throughout the day (I have a huge bottle always full at my desk). I'm taking cal-mag (told to go down to 2 because calcium is constipating) and one potassium. Sea salt on my food but I'm probably not getting the full 1/2 tsp a day.
    Hi, Skittles,

    I have been on IP since January 5 and have lost 25 pounds in 7 weeks, or an average of 3.6 pounds per week. I had a restricted item every day up until the last few days because I ran out. I'm getting more tomorrow and plan to have a restricted item every day again. I'm not sure I could do this for a long time without my goodies. I'm satisfied with the amount of weight I'm losing every week. My IP paperwork says nothing about waiting for 3 weeks before having a restricted item. My paperwork also says to have 1 full teaspoon of sea salt every day, so I measure it out at the beginning of the day, and whatever's left at the end of the day I mix with water and drink. I'm not sure if all the coaches are just different or if things have changed with IP in the last few months. Is anyone else supposed to take 1 teaspoon of sea salt instead of 1/2 teaspoon?

    I never have a problem with constipation or headaches either. Could it be because I take the full teaspoon of salt? I don't know. I use all the supplements I am supposed to and have actually not missed a dose of anything.

    I hope you can get your system regulated so that you can stay on this program. It's a good one. Good luck!
  • hey everyone!!!
    happy birthday josh!!
    im having constipation problems too, and the girl doing it with me is too. i've tried there recommendations, i may have to try the m.o.m??

    jordanna- congrats on your husband being home, hope you have a fun date night! thanks for the pizza recipe too, had it for dinner last night and it was a nice change.

    tomorrow i complete my 3 weeks and intend on having a restricted item almost everyday. i've thought about it and personally think they are meant to help reintroduce your body to more calories?? i dont want to be scared of eatting things because in the real world there are so many temptaions and i know, for me, that i wont be on phase 1 the rest of my life and do not intend on gaining all this weight back. i don't know if that makes sense but its the logic im using i also have my weigh in tomorrow and from the looks of my scale i'll be down another 7 lbs!! congratulations to everyone on their losses and have a happy friday
  • Birman, thanks for the tea suggestion, i will look for it when I'm out shopping this weekend. I've had a cup of coffee this morning (black and I'm not a coffee drinker) and 2 tbsp milk of magnesium and I'm much better....feels like I lost 5 lbs lol.

    Bev S, I don't take any of the supplements other than the potassium and I'm down to 2 cal-mags because I thought they may be contributing to the constipation. My paperwork says there is an anti-oxy, omega 111 and enzymes....I take none of these and I take my own multi-vitamin that I have taken for years with my vitamin D. Maybe I need to add some of the others daily.

    I cut this from Dr. Tran's website, his answer to this question.
    Why do dieters who go on a protein diet lose more volume (inches) than weight?
    The main feature of a protein diet is that you lose more volume or inches than weight. You fit back into clothes that previously did not fit at the same weight.

    I haven't lost alot of weight 14 lbs at last weigh in and I think maybe another 3-5 lbs this week however I've lost inches everywhere. All my clothes are big on me now and I have a waist again. I look and feel like I've lost 25lbs and I'm constantly getting comments from people "hey you've lost weight you look great"! SOOO people don't rely so much on the numbers on the scale...I think we put way to much emphasis on this. If you feel good and you like what you see in the mirror, then you are right on track and things will only get better.!!!
  • As a treat to myself for reaching the 30 lb mark, I am going to buy the Wii Fit pro tomorrow to help me with the exercise!

    Heard it is super fun and actually works!

    Anyone else use this?
  • Quote: As a treat to myself for reaching the 30 lb mark, I am going to buy the Wii Fit pro tomorrow to help me with the exercise!

    Heard it is super fun and actually works!

    Anyone else use this?
    I have the Wii fit plus and really like it. you can take it easy or you can really sweat. you can pick games that you like or get it to tailor a workout for you. i still use it pretty regularily and i bought mine back in November.
  • Lilita, good stuff there!

    Quote: As a treat to myself for reaching the 30 lb mark, I am going to buy the Wii Fit pro tomorrow to help me with the exercise!

    Heard it is super fun and actually works!

    Anyone else use this?
    Mystical Mamma, I think that's a great idea!

    My sister-in-law (who lost 40 lbs on IP) tried one at a friend's house and is raving about it. Her husband just ordered her one for her birthday.
  • Quote: My paperwork also says to have 1 full teaspoon of sea salt every day...
    Is this in addition to the IP products? There is a heck of a lot of sodium in those soups.
  • Quote: 19 =DD
    and thank you everyone!

    I'm 19 too Happy Birthday!
  • So, I am not sure how old everyone is, but I must say that I am very happy and inspired to see you younger peeps taking care of business now. Not to sound preachy, but I think it will positively impact you in the remainder of your adult life and I am proud that you have the dedication and discipline to go for it. I am not sure I would have at 19yrs old. Yayyyy, you!
  • Hi Everybody,
    I started IP on Janurary 18, and have been lurking around reading all the postings and it has been so helpful. It has been extemely intresting following jordana--I do not know your height, however, you and I started the diet on the same day and we weighed extactly the same!! I might add we are losing at the same pace also. And reading the posts and browsing the recipies is extremely addicting.
  • Week 2 weigh in and down another 4.4 lbs. In just two weeks its almost 10 lbs, which I would have been thrilled with in over a months time. This diet works, you just have to stick to it. I have used a couple of extra packets a day, when I work out and still losing so it must be OK. People keep commenting on my hair...HAHA! Its my face not my hair.

    Glad its continuing to work, its getting easier every day.
  • Quote: As a treat to myself for reaching the 30 lb mark, I am going to buy the Wii Fit pro tomorrow to help me with the exercise!

    Heard it is super fun and actually works!

    Anyone else use this?
    Love Wii fit plus! It can really get you sweating! It is all up to you, however hard you work determines your success. It is really fun and the time flies by.
  • Quote: Today my husband told me to find a babysitter because he needs to take his hot wife out on a date!
    Love it! What a complement!
  • Quote: Happy birthday to me....
    Lol haha <33
    Happy Birthday Josh, Enjoy your success!