Ideal Protein Diet - Monthly Chat - November 2009

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  • Hope this helps
    Quote: hi everyone! I weighed in again today and lost another 4 pounds so that makes almost 21 in four weeks. News like that makes the strugles worth it. I tried weight watchers and never lost more than 2 lbs a week no matter how hard I treid or how much I exercised. This program works for me because I really don't have to THINK about food as much so I don't get the carvings or frustrations as bad. I'm not sure where to go to find these recipe posts so if someone could help me with that it would be great.

    The easiest way for me to find any threads on IP is to go to the search option (in purple at the op of the screen) and type Ideal Protein. It brings up anything that has been discussed about IP and also the Recipe link your asking about!
  • @torchlaker You Make me giggle! I'm not much of a drinker but now that I know I cannot have it, it seems more tantalizing!
    Its crazy how your mind plays tricks on you. Threw this hole IP process (10 days) I've wanted things that I haven't even ate in marshmallows.. YUK... but I've gotten past it day by day. I just made my family an oreo pie and don't even care if I have some because I know my goals. It feels really good to have

    Thank you all for the updates and wonderful stories. I hope we all do amazing!!
  • Quote: So NOW I am officially past the lowest weight I have been in 17 years!
    Congratulations!!! I'm glad you found this program and are having success. You're an inspiration
  • Quote: I am 33 - just had my birthday on monday...I am having some trouble getting back on the wagon after my unintentional 2 week hiatus.
    Happy belated Birthday . You should be pleased you came back to IP after only a 2 week break. In the past some of my unintentional breaks have lasted for months or years!!! Wishing you all the best at your next weigh in.
  • Hey guys!!
    I finally got my blog up and running! I am on day 2!
    Yall can comment on it and stuff too and even see the pic of me thats gonna be our poster for our fundraiser!
  • Today is my IP appt. I am so excited. I have read everyones posts and can't wait to jump in there with you all. Seems like I have tried everything to lose weight. I feel so hopeful and know this time I will do it!!! We all will.
  • I am curious, how much is everyone exercising, and at what point in the plan did you start? I started to slow down in weight loss after two weeks, so added 2-3 miles of walking a day, and that has really sped things up. What is everyone else doing?
  • Glad to hear there was no real plateau for you!! We are told not to do very much steady state cardio, 2 30 minutes sessions of interval cardio a week and at least 1 class - 1 hour duration of resistance training. As my weight loss has really slowed down I think I might add the walking that you are doing into my routine. Do you walk at a fast pace?
  • Well I couldnt wait til Monday to start I started this morning since I have a 3 day weekend and figured that I could get over any of the side effects without making my patients/coworkers miserable - So far so good :-)
  • CoolBreeze...I wish I was more consistent with exercise. All the old time...too tired. I do try to walk a mile 3 times a week and do BodyFlex and/or LifeLift the same day. I know it would help with my fatigue...I struggle with fibromalygia, so it becomes a round-robin thing. "I hurt too much today." "Well, you would feel better if you exercised" -- ya know the drill. I gotta start walking. I am going to St. John USVI the end of March...(by myself...first vacation EVER alone.)...and my cousin tells me my condo is 300 ft STRAIGHT up!

    OptiChick....a lot of the foods are restricted. I was told I could have one restricted a day -- others have been told 2-3 times a week. I DO eat oatmeal every day, and have a bar at night. I really struggle at night...cuz that is when I am too tired to clean,sew,cook,paint, when I finally DO sit down, I notice hunger pains.

    Bumpy: I had to laugh....I waited a month before starting IP while I researched it. Boy -- those last 5 days, I was chomping at the bit to get started. I started the day after Labor Day, I think!

    Mirazon - awwww...thank you. YOU are an inspiration to me. Look at your weight loss already!

    Josh...I read your blog!! In fact - I put it in Favorites to check it every day. PS: I hate the leek soup, too! I water down the soups much more than required...that does throwing in some veggies. So - do I understand this right ---? Four months will be boiled down into a 15 minute film??

    My son is coming tonight!! I am so excited!! I haven't seen him since July. He has been wanting me to send him pictures....but I really don't have I keep thinking that I don't look THAT much different. He was so excited about the cholestrol drop. After losing his dad, he really wants to keep me around, I think! That was one of the main reasons I did be healthier! I cleaned all day today I am hoping to alter an outfit or 2 to wear while he is here!
  • Torch - Ive been researching it since September. I was on ******** before and the first 25 pounds was great until my hair started to break off (not good!). So my boss was at a conference in AZ when he heard about it. We just started selling the products in our office and Ive been like when can I start it already?!?

    I had the omelette for breakfast and was actually liking that - had some of the lemon pudding for a snack and Im not thrilled with it. Its like 2 hrs later and I still have the lemon pledge aftertaste
  • Would everyone prefer for people to post new recipes only on the recipe thread, instead of here? I see some people are having trouble finding it.

    Anyway I posted a new one there for a seriously delicious alteration to the chocolate pudding (the plain IP one made me sad.)
  • It is official, my packets arrived, and I have begun the Ideal Protein way of living to health, beauty, youth and vitality. If it is any different than that PLEASE don't tell me - I want to believe this stuff!
  • Quote: Happy belated Birthday . You should be pleased you came back to IP after only a 2 week break. In the past some of my unintentional breaks have lasted for months or years!!! Wishing you all the best at your next weigh in.
    Hysterical. I think my "break" has lasted, oh, around ten years. :-) I am 3 lbs from wedding weight, then I am shooting for "college weight." To think back then I thought I was fat. SIGH.
  • I wanted to share that I made the crepe stuffed with cut up raw veggies for lunch and it was awesome. I diced cucumber, spinach, raw onion and a little tomato, did the olive oil and lemon dressing, and it was really, really good! I am still full too.