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ottawa 11-12-2009 07:49 AM

I agree that it would be nice to have consistent information!!

Where I got involved in IP is a gym and they guarantee 16-25 pound loss a month if you follow their plan/version of the IP diet. To be involved in the guarantee you have to go to the gym and do 2- 30 minute cardio workouts and one resistance/cardio workout class a week. The food part seems to be similar except we are told that we can have unlimited amounts of the allowed veggies and are encouraged to eat our veggies until we are full. I very often have more than 2 cups of veggies, not including my salad, for dinner to ensure that I am full, also due to the fact that I eat my snack in the afternoon and do not want to be walking into the kitchen looking for something to eat later in the evening.

So far it has been working well for me, the second week I only lost a 1 lb. but today is day 25 and I have lost a total of 12 lbs. which averages out to 1/2 lb. a day. I am not going to complain about that!!! Especially if it keeps up this way.

It has been very helpful being a part of this group and obtaining different ideas on recipes etc and I want to say thank you to everyone for the ideas, motivation, etc. Keep up the good work!!!

BumpyMcPickles 11-12-2009 09:02 AM

Had my first weigh in this morning - 8 pounds down..2 inches lost (hips and chest only-it always leaves the chest!). I started IP on 11.5.09.

Yay Me!

Ogdog13 11-12-2009 09:47 AM


Originally Posted by saraj1022 (Post 3010326)
I think i am going to become a vegetarian (AHHH) I know. Not sure if thats do-able on this diet, but I figure once I hit my goal, if done properly that would be a great way to maintain weight. Anyone here a vegetarian or was at anytime???

I was vegetarian. Had to go back on fish to do this diet. By vegetarian do you mean to still eat fish?

echobaby 11-12-2009 02:04 PM

:?:Anyone else having major trouble with the 3FC site today? I've been trying to get here for 3 hours. I also tried using the receptionist's computer. Maybe the problem is with our server here.

joshb 11-12-2009 02:18 PM

Hey guys!
Did my FIRST weigh in last night and I lost 15 lbs!

Wow, haha.
Its really weird to have lost that much in 1 week.
But im really glad i lost alot. lol.

We didnt measure because I didnt really feel like I lost inches.

echobaby 11-12-2009 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by torchlaker (Post 3010816)
Well, hey...I do have the pancake mix...never thought of making into a cake...how do you do that? Great idea about using that as a breading...(my soychips are still sitting inthe blender).

I have never heard of eating within a half hour after you get up. That would be impossible for me....The whole thought of eating when I get up is awful...I usually wait 2 hours before I eat...but I do drink 16oz of water...as soon as I get up (my son says that it revs up your metabolism...).

I kinda take my doctors advice AND advice on this forum. For instance, I was told I couldn't have Crystal Light cuz aspartane slows down weight loss. I was having such a hard time getting in the water that they finally told me I could have 16oz of Crystal Light a day (maybe because of all my whining...).

As far as restricted veggies....I like 2 cherry tomatoes on my salad. I cut them up in small pieces....so I figure 2 tomatoes X 7 days...is probably my 2 cup limit. One has to do what one has to do.....I like SOME veggies...naturally, they are off the plan (corn....avacadoes....peas). Other than that...yuk. I usually order salads when I go out and pick around what I cannot have.

There IS conflicting advice on here, but I agree that most of the coaches, drs., etc., are suppliers. I think having all the different "ways" on this forum are enlightening.

I believe you do have to be on the forum 20 days before you can add a ticker....at least, I had to wait 20 days.

Saraj -- I have been very tired since starting IP. It seems I always need a short nap in the afternoon....altho I do have longer "staying power" at night. Have been a nightowl for years (probably cuz I worked the 12am-8am shift as a police dispatcher). Also, I still don't have things "moving right" -- and I think that wears me out.

I think we are all doing so well....it is fun to see everyones weigh-ins. I think I even know the actual DAY some of you will weigh in (ok...maybe I need a life).

Hi, Torchlaker. To make cake from the crepe mix, instead of adding 4oz. of water, add 2.5 oz.

to the water add:
3 packs Splenda
splash of real vanilla extract(or any flavor extract)
pinch of sea salt(maybe 1/8t)

same as above but only 2 packs of splenda. I also enjoyed adding a shake of Molly McButter.
Make sure all is dissolved into water before you add the packet.

shake in small sealed tupperware really well til there are no lumps, and put in the microwave for 30 secs. The microwave at my job is not as strong as at home, so I usually have to check it at 30 secs., then restart for another 30 secs.

Or you can bake in in the oven @350F for 10 mins. Keep up the good work.

torchlaker 11-12-2009 03:11 PM

Josh...I am so excited for you!!! It is almost like being on "The Biggest Loser", huh? Being filmed...losing weight...Having successes....being away from your family.....

Echobaby - Yup....terrible time getting on website today. I read yesterday in one of the other forums that another company had purchased 3 Fat chicks website (I think it is under Announcements in the Community room). I don't know if that is the problem or what....they did say nothing would change (yeah, right!!). I do think the company that purchased it also owns fitday.com (which I love!!). For those of you NOT on fitday.com....go to it...especially those of you that do not have a coach or dr. to take your BMI. My doctor has one of those "fancy-dancy-electrody-thingys" that uses an electrical impulse (Dr. Oz showed it on t.v.), but I have found that fitday runs almost identical to what the doctor shows.

Bumpy -- I am so jealous. I am barely losing in my chest and I could stand to lose it! I think I have only lost 2" there in 2 months!! My hips and waist are going down nicely tho....so maybe I will just be this "big-boobed grandma" (sorry, Josh).

chjsmom 11-12-2009 04:39 PM

I had my first weigh in today and lost 8 lbs. and 3 3/4 inches. Everyone is doing so great.

Josh- Way to go. You are doing amazing. My husband also lost 15 lbs. his first week.

magenta 11-12-2009 04:55 PM

My first week results were less exciting. I lost 4.4lbs and 2" overall. Of course I am short and female and (ahem) way, way past 40.

The worst part is that I am consistently hungry an hour or so before each of my scheduled meal times, and I am just dragging...

KawiGirlZ750 11-12-2009 05:06 PM

Great Find.
Hello IPers!!!!

I started IP Feb 6, 2009 at 204 pounds, in June '09 154 (Down 50#s). Have another 20 or so to go. Back then, when I searched for IP info, I had to REALLY REALLY dig for it. Just for kicks the other day I thought I'd search IP and headaches. Bam, here is 3 Fat Chicks and other websites.

I look forward to reading your positive feed back and recipe helpers.

I found that extracts and the sugar free Torani and DaVinci coffee syrups are great for changing the flavor profiles on the puddings. Their sweetened with Splenda.

Mix DaVinci ButterRum & cinnamon spice in the Vanilla pudding (add 10oz water) for an EXCELLENT eggnog. Very creamy and thick.

Look forward to more chats!

Cheers 8>) KawiGirl

Optichick1 11-12-2009 05:19 PM


Originally Posted by magenta (Post 3011261)
My first week results were less exciting. I lost 4.4lbs and 2" overall. Of course I am short and female and (ahem) way, way past 40.

The worst part is that I am consistently hungry an hour or so before each of my scheduled meal times, and I am just dragging...

Well, I think that is great! I'm 57 and started out on Oct. 26th. My first weigh in on Nov. 2, I lost 4 lbs. I didn't get measured, so not sure how many inches I've lost. (but my bra isn't tight anymore) :) On my 2nd weigh in I didn't lose any, due to a cheating filled weekend. However, on my home scale, I seem to be steadily losing close to a pound each day. You can see on my info, where I started and where I want to be. I have a long way to go.
I really don't get hungry much, unless I have something I don't like very much for my lunch....I don't do well with the soups, so sometimes I can't finish them. When I do feel a little hungry, I eat a few soy nuts or puffs, not even a 1/2 bag and have a glass of water. That seems to tide me over til I can get home and cook. I've never lost 4 lbs. in one week, so I'm happy! Keep up the good work.

magenta 11-12-2009 05:44 PM

Thanks, Opitchick, and congratulations for your successes! I just love that there are other 5 footers here. I am thinking of asking my coach if I could have 5 meals 3 hours apart instead of the 4 that are 4 hours apart... but I don't know if that would slow my results and I don't want that! I guess I will just tough it out. I am home alone all day with the fridge. It sounds like you have a job to keep you busy and distracted.

Mom22 11-12-2009 07:12 PM

I also am really hungry before meals - especially supper - I usually quickly cut up a cucumber in a dish with vinegar, water and some splenda - it seems to tide me over until supper. that and I drink lots of water and then i have my snack for evening - usually pudding with some of the raspberry jam. that's when I'm the most hungry and starting to dream of cookies.

For all those who are struggling with making meals for their families and different for themselves - I don't. I have 2 teenage sons (that's Mom to two) and a husband who likes to eat. I usually make the veggies, meat that I can eat and some rice/ potatoes/pasta for them. I might cook up some corn but really it's not a lot extra. they can add the extra butter, condiments themselves. If they want Kraft dinner or something - they cook it themselves. That might seem harsh but I think of it as building independence. hahaha It's a lot more difficult when your children are small.

I came across a really good orange drink that is sweetened with splenda - it's a Nestea brand - singles. It's nice to have something to drink besides tea or water. although i also will heat up some water, add some lemon juice and a packet of splenda. it's good.

so great to read so many success stories - they keep me motivated.

SandraB I read back through old posts and i'm pretty sure we're from the same town. Wescanna on the 16th for an IP meeting??? I'll watch for you.

Megs84 11-12-2009 07:22 PM

I had my third weigh in yesterday and I'm down another 2.8 lbs! I ate a few things I wasn't supposed to eat this week, so I'm sure that slowed my loss a bit, but I was very happy with my results! I don't know how many inches I have lost - I think I get my measurements taken again next week. But, my clothes are definitely fitting differently. Pretty soon, I'm going to have to get some new pants because mine are getting too big!

So, some people have mentioned vanilla extract - are extracts allowed on IP?

Mom22 11-12-2009 07:30 PM

Hey all - I just checked out the recipes page - last week there were two pages, today there are 8 pages - wow!! Ogdog you sure have been busy - thanks for all the great ideas!

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