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healthyBob 05-18-2022 10:05 PM

Best tips for weight loss

Studies have shown that adopting a mindful eating habit increase your chances of making
healthy, lasting behavioral changes. Take time to enjoy what you eat and appreciate its ability
to nourish you. It will improve your relationship with food and may even help stop binge eating.
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without dieting or exercising.


While focusing on nutritious foods has many health benefits, your weight loss goals may backfire
if you try to lose weight too quickly. Research shows that obese people who expect to lose a lot of
weight are more likely to drop off the weight loss program. Set realistic plans to increase your
chances of staying on track.

sheerwillpower 06-03-2022 02:13 PM

more best tips
Yes, mindful eating and realistic goals are powerful tools for weight loss! Here are a couple more that help me:

Celebrate and track each successful day:

In "Tiny Habits," author B. J. Fogg says each daily success should be acknowledged by congratulating ourselves with small but heartfelt gestures. It gives us a little dopamine shot that reinforces good habits and helps build new ones. I apply this by giving myself a fist pump while saying "Way to go!" at the end of each day that I practice mindful eating and stay within my planned calorie intake. I then put a small sticker on my calendar to celebrate that day and record my success visually. At first I used foil stars (yeah, the same kind we used to get in school for a good paper or quiz), then downloaded some free images of silverware or place setting from the internet to print and cut out, and then got some fun, colorful stickers from Etsy (an image of a salad bowl or one of silverware). It adds a bit of fun and lets me track my progress in building the habit of mindful, planned eating. It also gives me a chance at the end of the day to reflect and recommit to my larger goal of being healthy and having a better relationship with food.

Pause before acting on impulse:

Impulses come from the most primitive, emotional part of our brain. They can come on strong and seem overpowering, demanding swift action. But our brain also has a calmer, reflective, more rational part that can control our impulses if given a chance. Just expecting the rational part to prevail at the same time as the urge to overeat or eat unhealthy foods doesn't work -- it needs to be given a little space. This means inserting a small interval between the upsurge of the impulse and the response of acting on it. It was hard for me to remember this at first, so I put up signs in my kitchen that said things like "Wait a few moments" or "Stop and take some deep breaths" or "Delay your decision." Instead of acting immediately on my impulse to chow through a bunch of cookies or something, I tell myself to just wait a little, maybe 5 minutes, before making a decision to do so or not. Sometimes I say, "If it's the right thing to do right now, it'll still be the right thing to do in 10 minutes." If at the end of those 5 or 10 minutes I deliberately decide to eat those cookies, then I let myself do it, although more calmly than if I had just acted on impulse. It's no longer bingeing but a choice. In the beginning of forming new eating habits, and sometimes later, I do make that decision to exceed my day's eating and calorie plan -- and it's even important that it happens so I know I really mean it when I tell myself I can decide one way or another after a pause. But gradually and with practice, it gets easier to use that interval to reflect on what my bigger goal is -- having a healthier body and relationship to food -- and decide to stick to my daily plan instead of abandoning it. Over time, it gets easier and easier to insert pauses between impulses and acting on them, between feelings and behavior, between emotions and reason. That feels good: it feels good to learn how to do this, to see progress in taking deliberate actions, to see yourself as a person who is in control of their emotions, actions, and decisions. Day after day of feeling good this way snowballs and makes it easier to do, more of a habit, more automatic, more pleasurable. And seeing progress towards a healthy body reinforces this.

Thiago2022 06-20-2022 12:26 AM

What exercise to do to lose weight fast?
To lose 1 kg of fat per week, that is, 4 kg of pure fat per month, you must perform some exercise that burns approximately 600 calories a day, 5 times a week, in addition to daily weight training.

To achieve the desired caloric burn, you should perform the exercise for 1 hour and keep your heart rate within the ideal, which should be approximately 80% of your maximum capacity. This ability, however, will depend on your physical conditioning, age and the intensity of the exercise. Doing exercises below these values will not help you lose weight, but it can bring other health benefits, such as improving cardiorespiratory capacity !

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