After 9 years of trying and failing and trying again....GOAL! 90 lbs lost!

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  • So very impressed with your journey and results!
  • Congratulations on your success! I agree with your approach 100% and have discovered that the same works for me. Lower/slow carb and IF or high/low days.

    So... here I am, with the decision that it's time to do this - for the last time. It's actually amazing how cutting out sugar also helps with cravings.
  • Excellent info and tips about finding what works for an individual. I'll have to check out the resources you listed. I too need to watch carbs.
  • Thanks everyone! I am still learning. Weight maintenance has its own set of challenges, I'm learning. I go a little crazy on carbs and *poof* 5 lbs appear on my body. Argh. But at least I know how to deal with it now.
  • Congratulations on your weightloss! Thank you for sharing your experience.
    I do fine with 16:8 fasts but I find that I tend to eat more than usual if I tried longer periods of fasting, and then is hard for me to get back on my planned diet.
  • I somehow missed this thread, doh! Congrats again to you, Dee, on your remarkable weight loss! I admire your tenacity, intelligence, and positive attitude. I'm so thrilled that you stuck with it, found what works for you, and achieved your goal.

    You cracked me up when you said that you hope learning maintenance doesn't take as long as learning to lose. How are things? I suspect you learned so much about yourself and your body during the losing part, that you're nailing maintenance. There will be ups and downs, but I have full confidence that you'll maintain long-term.
  • Wow! great job! Keep up the awesome work
  • Full disclosure- maintenance is as much of a challenge as losing was. I have regained 10 lbs

    However, there's that saying "I wish I was as fat now as I was when I first thought I was fat." and I'm using that as inspiration- I plan to stop my regain here and reverse it because it's going to be a LOT easier to lose 10 lbs than to lose more than that. I know what I did to lose it, and I know what I'm doing wrong now (in my case, I've added too many carbs back into my diet, particularly nuts and fruit). I also stopped intermittent fasting, which I found particularly helpful in maintaining my weight. So I'm going to cut back on the carbs again, and start intermittent fasting again.
  • 10lb sounds fairly moderate in what? 6 months? You'll be able to get that back quickly with the plan you have in mind. Getting started again might be really tough though - i'd love to know how you go......
    I've just started maintenance so i'm very interested to hear how hard it is (well actually it's been about 6 weeks, but I feel like I know nothing about it still, or what it takes to stay here). How long did you go before you gained any back? Was it gradual over that whole time, or just recently.
    Keep posting with your progress - I want to know it's possible to do!!
  • Hi, Dee, good to see you! I'm sorry about the 10 pounds. But well done, you, on catching it early and going at it with a solid plan that works well for you. I know you can do this!

    One thing...Is the lower weight a weight where you can comfortably sit? By that, I mean do you think 10 pounds higher could be a more sustainable weight that allows you a little more flexibility with your diet? Or is it a case of once the regain starts, it'll keep going unless you get more strict again?

    I ask just bc of my own experience. I have a weight range that's fairly easy for me to maintain, but 10 pounds lower requires either much more activity or fewer calories than is natural for me. So for me the easily maintained weight is the better choice.
  • Dee!

    Thanks for your update and letting us know how you're doing. Ugh, those pesky regain pounds! Your attitude toward them is on point, though. From my own experience, I spent so much time in justification mode only to realize that the incremental weight gain buried me without me hardly noticing.

    Great question Chunkahlunkah. That has me
  • Thanks for the replies and encouragement!

    Ange82much- The thing that has been toughest is my hormones are in flux right now (I'm in perimenopause and after not having a period for 10 months I've begun being fertile again and having periods) and my carb cravings are insane. I feel out of control. The regain happened in a couple of months, so it wasn't really fast but it wasn't really slow either. I know it's carbs, though.

    Chunkalunkah- 135 I think is the ideal sustainable weight for me. That was my weight for years and years. I believe I could go as low as 125, but just don't feel like I could maintain it. 145, however, is where I start feeling not as good. I can feel the extra weight, the lowered energy levels, etc. I just don't feel as good. But I do hear you because I know frequently as women get older, the sustainable weight might not be what it was in their 20's/30's. Then again, I see a lot of older women who are much thinner than they were in their 20's because they also don't carry as much muscle.

    Curvynotlumpy- I know what you mean. This weight gain thing is insidious- we must be ever vigilant, I think, especially since our bodies seem to actively try to regain lost pounds.

    I do have one other kryptonite besides the carbs and that is coffee with real cream. I love it and drink about 3 cups a day. I'm going to cut back, because I know that drinking my calories is dumb and that even on a low carb diet one still must be wary of consuming too many calories.

    And I must confess to also not being as active as I was when I was actively losing weight. I am still active, but I've stopped doing HIIT and do more longer/slow workouts like walking my dog for an hour or going bike riding for an hour. I really think those 25 minute HIIT sessions were helpful before, and will try to incorporate those back into my regimen also. Part of it is I injured myself with my TRX. Not sure what I did, but my joints began hurting and particularly a shoulder began hurting after I began using it. I stopped using it, and all my joints have returned to normal except the one shoulder. I've been getting therapeutic massage and doing yoga, stretching, etc. but it just kills me. And so resistance training is kind of out (another thing I used to enjoy) but even certain moves in HIIT hurt my shoulder. Oh, the joys of getting a bit older, I guess!
  • Dee - Gotcha, I completely get what you mean about having an upper weight limit where you start feeling less healthy. How's cutting back on the coffee with cream going? I'm so sorry about your injury!
  • Quote: Dee - Gotcha, I completely get what you mean about having an upper weight limit where you start feeling less healthy. How's cutting back on the coffee with cream going? I'm so sorry about your injury!
    Eh...slowly. I've been doing 3 cups daily, today my goal is to just have 2 cups. Baby steps.
  • Baby steps are often the best kind. I'm a big fan of them. Will you be replacing the 3rd cup with a different caffeinated beverage like tea or simply going w/o?