I did it! 65 pounds and 1 foot gone.

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  • Wow, you do look great. Congrats
  • you loook GREAT!! Congrats!
  • Congrats handsome!
  • Wow Congrats! Gives Me So Much Motivation
  • Congrats!!!!
  • Woot woot! Very handsome. thank you for sharing your story! Congrats!
  • Congrats! You look so much younger now, if I may say!
  • Great story. I quit smoking first too. It is still early for me but I feel encouraged by your tale. Thank you!
  • Wow, congratulations!!! You look great!!!
  • wow! you look amazing. congratulations on all your success and hard work.

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  • You are truly a strong person and such an inspiration. I am really happy for you!!
  • Sorry it's taken me so long to reply, but thanks for all your kind words. Maintenance so far is going well. I'm trying to grow some muscle since I feel I look a bit scrawny, but that will take some time given my back problems. Still though, I'm proud of myself and I have a lot more energy.
  • You look great! Thanks for sharing..
  • Congratulations! You look like quite the Prince Charming! Best of luck in maintenance!!!