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You look UNBELIEVABLE. Congratulations on your amazing success. You worked hard and you deserve it!
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Faith. Family. Fitness.
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My dream is to get to that day where I would have a BMI under 25.
You're such an inspiration, and you look beautiful!
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Suck it up, buttercup!
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Amazing pictures Chick! I love the dress!
So proud of you!
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What a great story! Congrats on your weight loss! You look fantabulous! Congrats and Wtg!!
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You are TRULY amazing. CONGRATS! You look FABULOUS!

I remember you when I was trying to lose weight last year and am REALLY kicking myself for jumping off the wagon or I could be somewhere close to posting a GOAL thread. But I will be using this as an inspiration!
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I luv my curves
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Congrats WTG!!
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I cannot say, "Congratulations!" enough to you - you had a really rough time, not just because of the weight, and you stuck with it because you knew you had to do it for yourself. Amazing!
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Back to Basics!
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So freaking FANTASTIC!!

I really feel for you with the infertility junk. I had to do that, too. Sending sweet baby dust your way. You are going to be ONE HOT MAMA.

Congrats! You are so pretty and now you just glow.
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Thank you very much again to all of you of the congratulations and all the nice thoughts, and thank you for all the good baby wishes as well. There are times when I feel overwhelmed by how great this forum is and the amazing people here, and this is definitely one of those times. The support is wonderful. Thank you, very much.

nu09: However slowly it happens (and I know that feeling so well!!), keep going!! You are so close, and you will get there as long as you keep fighting for it!

bt2155: Good for you, and keep going with the workouts! They're a nice boost for the weight loss, but even better than that are the emotional benefits. I feel so good after a workout, all those endorphins, and it makes me want to go back again and again; I'm addicted to that feeling! And one of my favorite quotes from this forum (I wish I knew who said it originally): "No one ever says 'I wish I didn't workout today.' "

josey: Thank you again.

UnderTheMoon: Congratulations on getting started - it's such a huge step - and good luck to you!! I know you can do it! I really look forward to reading your post here one day.

traveling michele: I'm so, so sorry to hear about the miscarriages you went through; I can't imagine how painful that must have been for you. Knowing what I now know about endometriosis, and how common it is, it's pretty shocking to me how frequently it goes undiagnosed until there are fertility issues, or something happens that requires a pelvic surgery. There are signs in many, many women long before a diagnosis (I have had them since I was a teen, I just didn't know what they were!!), and I can't believe more OB/GYNs don't attempt to diagnose it, and that insurance companies largely don't cover exploratory laparoscopy for that purpose. It's a condition that can be managed, or at least slowed down substantially, by something as simple as being on birth control. How many women could be saved from miscarriages and infertility if the condition were recognized earlier and the disease managed before progressing as far? It really angers me. I am so glad you were able to have children despite the endometriosis, and thank you for sharing that with me - it gives me hope that if I just keep trying for long enough, it could eventually happen.

puneri: If I manage to get pregnant, I will do every last thing my doctor tells me to do, lol. No worries there! I have an awesome OB/GYN now (who very likely saved my life during that surgery; I hemorrhaged and needed blood transfusions), and I trust him completely.

TiffNeedsChange: Thank you, and thank you for sharing that news about your friend. It really does give me hope, and I need to remember the stories like those when I'm feeling discouraged.

indiblue: Thank you! I always notice your avatar - I had wanted to try rock climbing for a while, and finally took a class last week! It was fun, but I am terrible at it.

EmilyLarnder: It was my dream too, and it CAN come true. We are in control of our lives and our health, and it's all up to us to make it happen. I know you can do it!

justaloozer: You are here now, and that's what counts! Stick with it, because I want to see your goal thread when you make it!

ChickieChicks: I'm really sorry you had to go through infertility too. And holy smokes, I wish I could look like that in a bikini!! Kudos to you on your weight loss!!

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Wow you look amazing! Big congrats!
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I love your pictures they are very inspering when it comes to me who is just starting out to look and see that this could be me and I can do this ! very proud of you and all youve accomplished you dne amazing and you show us how to keep tring!
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This was such a great story!!! I am so happy for you and how far you've come. Seriously, a little misty over here actually. Just shows how far hope and perseverance can go! So proud of you.
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I am in control.
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Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment!!
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Really good for you!
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