Time to call it...GOAL! (pics)

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  • Great Job you look awesome...
  • You look great! Congrats on all your success!
  • Wow, I'm loving this new you!!!
  • ChickieChicks you loo beautiful
  • A million thanks!

    I updated my first post with a new picture in my bikini. Shows a smidge more definiton in my tummy, which is the Final Frontier for me! LOL

    And I'm starting train for more races, hopefully a half marathon!
  • You look awesome!
  • Wow such a great story thanks for sharing
  • OH MY GOODNESS! You look incredibly beautiful and SO happy! CONGRATS! Enjoy the life that you have worked so hard for! And thanks so much for sharing and supporting!
  • What an accomplishment You look amazing!
  • Thank you!

    One year into it, I'm seeing more and more how it is a never ending process. :-)
  • amazing pics - thank you soooo much for sharing your story and I love how you wrote that perfection does not exist. You did a fantastic job, very very encouraging and inspiring. Thank you!!!
  • You look amazing! My stats are similar to yours except I started out at 219.
    I am now 176 and my goal is 119, so to see what you look like in a bikini really gives me motivation.
  • Congratulations! Awesome job!
  • Wow! What a success. You look beautiful!
  • You look great ! Your hard work has paid off.