Down 101 pounds! Met my goal!

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  • I wanted to share that my story is going to be published in the November issue of Fitness magazine, for anyone who is interested.
  • WoW. You are one hot looking momma!! Congrats and thanks for the inspiring story.
  • Congratulations on your success...I am definitely going to pick up a copy
  • You look so great! Congrats on your success and your story being published- that's so cool!
  • What an accomplishment! Continued success on your journey to a healthy life!! I am keeping your story in my mind for inspiration. Fresh fruits and vegetables....things that grow in the ground....
  • What a wonderful success story! I love it. Congratulations on meeting & maintaining your goal.

    And congrats on the Fitness article, how exciting!!
  • Congratulations!
  • Congratulations!!!! I hope your symptoms continue to decrease and you continue to be healthy!
  • Thank you everyone. The article was in the Nov/Dec issue of Fitness Magazine on page 26. I also had 2 articles in the Dallas Morning News that corresponded with me running the Dallas White Rock Marathon.
  • Wow!

    Great story you got there with all the tribulations you faced, you deserved the success.
  • That is so fantastic, congratulations not only on the weight loss, but on being recognized for your success and continued inspiration for the rest of us!!
  • You're really amazing! Your weight loss story especially resonates with me because my mom was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's disease too, in 2000. I know firsthand what a struggle it is, and I find it so inspirational that you lost all this weight and became so fit while having PD. I hope you have a lot of health and happiness in your future!
  • Well done xxxxx
  • u r truly inspiring!
  • I thought I would update my progress pictures, since I never really had a good "before" picture in my first goal story.
    It has been 1 year this month that I have managed to maintain over a 100 lb. weight loss. It hasn't always been easy, but not many things worth having are really easy.
    Thanks again for everyone's support.