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Goal! Have you reached your goal? Share your success story and celebrate your victory!

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Default Yay!!

Thank you so much for the inspiration. You are beautiful!! Congratulations

STARTED OVER from 200lbs on 1/2010 to 180 lbs on 11/2010 to 215lbs on 1/2012
"If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up!!" "Never never never give up!"

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Your story is so wonderful, and it's great you've done this while you're young. I'm in my mid 50s, and started 2 days ago on Medifast, the first steps in a long journey. Better late than never!
I really love the idea of your husband hiring a professional photographer. That is so fitting. (no pun intended) Best wishes to you and your hubby.
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Amazing!! Congratulations! Thanks for the inspiration
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It must be that I'm also a runner but I love your goal story fat pants. You inspire me soooo much. I've read it like a million times but this is the first time I commented. I'm so happy for you, and you look really cute with your husband.

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WOW - first off - let me say you look AMAZING! I'm completely inspired by you! Secondly -I just joined this site yesterday and loved reading your story. It gives me confidence that I can do it too! Congrats!
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Half Marathoner!!!
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Congrats! You are absolutely gorgeous. And those after pictures are beautiful. That's one of my goal rewards as well. I was so plumped out at our wedding that i'm embarrassed to display them in my home. I figure if I get some nice ones at goal i can have them both up as comparison.

Made it to ONEDERLAND (the first time) 16/nov/2009!!!
Gained some back, but will be back in ONEDERLAND soon!
Couch 2 5k Graduate
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small goals
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What a beautiful story, I am so glad you posted it, and I would bet there are many women with weight issues (and horrid men in their past or present) that are very touched by the fact your man has loved you through thick and thin!
Starts and stops of being on plan since January 2011. Back on plan May 2011.
April 2012, no progess unless you count gaining and losing the same 20 or so pounds, trying again!

“Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.”
- Marilyn Vos Savant

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Default Awesome

You look so healthy and wonderful. Truly aspiring! Thank you

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you look ahhhhhhhhhmazing!!
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Wow. Your story is very similar to mine congratulations.
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These type of stories really inspire me. Both you and hubby look so happy and you are one pretty lady I aspire one day to be smaller than my husband as I was the day I met him like a poster above said. That's kind of embarassing to admit but he doesn't seem to mind and is very supportive. So glad your hubby started walking and then running with you. I am signing up for my first 5K in 5 years (last one was in 2005 starting over again). I'm wogging (walking/jogging) at a very slow pace now a days but I do feel better physically. Not tired ALL THE TIME like I used to be. I'm on week 4 or couch 25K program may extend it for another week to get used to it but after all that ranting you inspire me!

Mini-goal: Say bye bye to 300's
15 minute mile Penguintastic!
1st Race Fleet Feets Lady Distance classic 5K: 53:19

Know that you can do it. It is not a question of willpower. I have none of that. It is a question of willingness. What are you willing to do to reach your goals? No matter what your situation, no matter what your history – you can be successful and improve your health and physical fitness. You can never be defeated until you quit.~anon
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Thank you so much everyone for your kind comments! I really could not have done it without the support I've found at 3FC. I've met some truly wonderful people here that have become lifelong friends!

I just started training for my next half marathon today and it reminded me of where I was last year at this time. There were so many times that I wanted to give up and feared that I had gone as far as I could go in terms of weight loss. But it turns out that was not the case at all! I guess I'm just saying, I was probably the last person anyone thought who would become a runner. I failed the mile test in high school and hated hated hated running as a teenager, mostly because I was embarassed about my size and being out of shape.

Weight loss IS achievable, it IS within your reach. It takes time, patience and a lot of hard work. One of my favorite sayings by one of the instructors at my gym is "you're not changing your body if you're not uncomfortable." It IS REALLY hard sometimes, especially when you just want to give up. But it's so, so worth it!!!
GOAL!! 80+ lbs less of me and 13.1 miles later... I'm still running!

My very long goal story w/ photos!!
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You look fantastic and so very happy. Thank you for sharing, your story is incredibly inspiring and has actually moved me to tears.
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What a great story! You are an inspiration.

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Let's do this!!!
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