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CarolineJhingory 11-10-2009 10:25 AM

273lbs to 150lbs (pics inside)
5 Attachment(s)
I didn't know these images would be so small. If you click on the images, they will enlarge.

Attachment 33725

Attachment 33726
273lbs on a 5'2 frame!!!

Attachment 33727

Attachment 33728

Attachment 33729

My weight loss is NOT a result of surgery or any fad diets. I workout EVERYDAY and I cut back on carbs and sugar. So really my weight loss is a result of patience, consistency and FAITH!

For more photos my name on myspace is I_Lost_122lbs. I'm a newbie so the forum won't allow me to post links.

Thank you all for the wonderful compliements! I hope my photos are inspiration to anyone out there on a weight loss journey!

Thighs Be Gone 11-10-2009 10:45 AM

OMG!!! You LOOOOOK AWESOME! What a beauty! Congrats. You must share your story with us!!!!

MathGirl87 11-10-2009 10:49 AM

WOWZERS! How did you do it? Do tell!

jaimie1980 11-10-2009 10:56 AM

Absolutley amazing! Congrats on your success!

luvja 11-10-2009 11:03 AM

Wow!! Incredible!!! And you're so beautiful.

InControl2Day 11-10-2009 11:10 AM

amazing transformation =D
you are so beautiful !!! g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s.

lambchop 11-10-2009 11:35 AM

wow, what inspiring pictures - thank you so much for sharing them

platformnine 11-10-2009 11:40 AM

Congrats!!! :cheer: You look SO amazing and you are so pretty!

fitwayoflife 11-10-2009 11:41 AM

Wow, you look like a completely different person! Congrats on the weight loss.

forestroad 11-10-2009 12:08 PM

WOW! Just, Wow.

CHUNKEY_MUNKEY 11-10-2009 12:12 PM

AMAZING ! this is like a magic trick u look great !!! your arms look really good too! ** is envious of your arms **

CLCSC145 11-10-2009 12:34 PM

Gorgeous! Congratulations!

sawa1210 11-10-2009 01:05 PM

You are gorgeous! Congratulations on your success!!

dragonwoman64 11-10-2009 02:14 PM

wow, that made my day, congratulations, you did an amazing, amazing job!!!

supergirl89 11-11-2009 02:16 AM

You look Stunning! :hug:

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