My Before and After

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  • a true inspiration !!! you look great and I LOVE that you did it with your hard work!!
  • that is so awesome!!!
  • Wow, you look awesome! Congratulations, you are an inspiration to me!
  • Wow! Congrats! You look great!
  • Awesome! You Look Awesome! Congrats!!!
  • Quote: I have to admitt I'm really not a committed low carber. I guess I have been able to control my weight because I only allow myself carbs/sugar if I am out on a date, eating out or at a family event.

    Life is good. What has worked for me is eating what I want, just less of it. And if I do go a little overboard, I am always willing to put in extra work at the gym.

    Those supposed calorie counters on the cardio machines at my gym always give me a little reality check though...once I realized the effort it takes to burn 500 calories on a cardio machine...I've become a lot more conscious about what and how much of what I allow in my body.


    How long did this body transformation take?

    You look amazing!
  • You're beautiful! WTG!
  • Wow
  • Total transformation! Do you even recognize yourself? LOL!
  • Wow! that's a true inspiration!
  • you look awesome!
  • Congratulations! You look great!
  • amazing! =D
  • congratulations
  • Awesomeness. You look great. Congrats on meeting your goal!