My Before and After

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  • You are a fierce chica! Awesome!
  • First - you're just an adorable girl. I mean, before and after, you're adorable.

    Second - you look AWESOME. I am so impressed that you did it the old-fashioned way and very inspired since that's the way I'm approaching my journey, too. Nothing fancy...just low calories and high exercise. And it really brightens my outlook to see how phenominally that plan worked for you. Thank you so much for sharing!
  • Just when I needed some motivation. Thank you so much for posting. I saw your pictures on myspace, you are truly a blessed woman. Now I just have to believe I can do it too.
  • That is so inspiring and you look great!
  • You have made such a fantastic change. You are a beautiful woman, you have such a pretty face. Congratulations.
  • Great job! You look fab!
  • You look fantastic! Congrats!
  • congrats girl !!
  • Amazing, i am speachless! Congrats, you look awsome! ^^
  • Wow, what a transformation!! You are very beautiful and you look very vibrant in your after pics like you're glowing. Do you have any exercise tips for getting your arms so toned?
  • Amazing!!!!

    And I LOVE your wilma costume! I told DH back at Halloween that if I lost the weight I wanted us to go as the flinstones next year!
  • Okay so I just checked out your myspace where you can see the pics better and Im just amazed. Girl, you are stunning!!!
    You are just so beautiful! If someone saw you now they would never think you had ever had a weight issue because you look like a model. You are just so beyond pretty. Wow!!!
    You truly shine!!
  • great job!!!!!
  • wow! you have worked amazingly hard and the results are GREAT!!!What an accomplishment!!!! You look stunning!
  • You look phenomenal! Thanks for sharing!!!