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Default New, met my goal but thought I'd share

Well I'll start this by saying i was always the fat guy pretty much my whole life...This heaviest i was before i started my weight loss was a little less then a year ago and i weighed in at 247, to be that weight to be normal I probably should have been 8 feet tall but im only 5"10'. To tell the truth I had a horrible self body image, and I looked in the mirror one day and just said a long ******* I need to do something (maybe everyone here has had that feeling at one point.) I really didn't do anything hang out didn't do anything physical. Well on that epiphany of the whole, holy **** thats me, I decided to do something. I am one of those people who hates dieting and exercise, but I found something I loved which is combat sports. After i tried out my trial at a local MMA gym (mixed martial art...boxing, kickboxing, muay thai and jiujitsu) I said I was going to do it. I signed up and went at it 100% and it was not easy at first. Let me just say for weeks i was having trouble just walking out of the gym (and walking normally the day after trust me it was bad), and that was just learning boxing at first, and then after i could tolerate boxing i branched out into muay thai and brazilian jiujitsu. I can say I have something i am going to stick with my whole life which is bjj and I plan to keep actively competing and being accountable to a weight class (light weight, 161lbs) for tournaments as a way to keep my weight down. All I can say is I am now in incredible shape and actually am happy about my body
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Awesome job! All your hard work sure paid off, good for you. It's always motivating to see others success, thanks for sharing!
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congratulations!!! It is so wonderful to hear that someone else here on the forum has met their goal because it gives me the motivation to keep working toward mine. Thank you for sharing your story and keep up the good work!!

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Congrats! That is an amazing accomplishment.
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thanks for sharing, I love to read these storys.
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Thumbs up Congratulations

Congratulations, notsofatguy,

What did you do in the eating plan arena?
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My goal = health
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Thanks for the inspiration!
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awesome! and its really cool that losing the weight helped you find such an interesting hobby! it sounds rewarding and fun!
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congrats!!! keep it up!! thanks for sharing your sucess story. It helps all of us along the way
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Great story, I'm almost halfway there and just started to get more physical. MMA sounds like a great outlet
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Congratulations! Keep it going.
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Thanks for sharing and congrats! I used to take Wing Chun myself many years ago. Be careful of your joints. I sprained my knee in training way back then and now that I am older that knee is giving me a very hard time.

I wish I could get back into something like that again but I am afraid I abused my body for too many years my joints and back couldn't take it.

But I am really enjoying weight lifting again I was really into it when I was younger and my BIL was a competing bodybuilder.

I love reading stories like yours because it gives me hope!
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What a great accomplishment. Way to go!
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