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YP1 11-25-2006 06:29 PM

Proper After Pics
I went on a proper photoshoot today for a magazine article I'm doing. I don't have the finished product, but here's a scan of a polaroid they let me have.

srmb60 11-25-2006 06:42 PM

Lovely! Good work!

jtammy 11-25-2006 06:49 PM

Woohoo! You're gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

hoodj0080 11-25-2006 06:51 PM

What a hottie! What magazine is this for?

illinichick 11-25-2006 09:11 PM

All I can say is WOW! What a terrific picture!

glynne 11-25-2006 09:32 PM

You look wonderful Helen ~ thanks for sharing and another dose of inspiration.

YP1 11-26-2006 02:26 AM

It's for Eve magazine, I guess you don't have it in the US. It's a glossy monthly one.

Meg 11-26-2006 04:56 AM

Oh my! You look amazing!! :eek: Do I see a future modeling career?? :D

crazynette826 11-26-2006 04:58 AM

Wow! Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!

Misti in Seattle 11-26-2006 08:33 AM

You look super! Congratulations on the huge weight loss!

Leenie 11-26-2006 09:36 AM

Thats awesome !!! Congratulations :)

Burgie 11-26-2006 10:32 AM

You are beautiful!!!

SarahinBalance 11-26-2006 11:19 AM

That is awesome! All we get to see is you crossing the finish line - You look GREAT!

NewDay4MeToo 11-26-2006 04:49 PM

You look so gorgeous! I really like the shot, too. What more does a girl need besides an elegant white room and tons of shoes? ;)

ScarlettDrawl 11-26-2006 05:23 PM

You look so good! Love the shoes too.

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