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Let's do this!
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Default It was hiding, but I found it

So I was digging through my best friend's pictures the other day. My friends are the only ones that have pictures of me that look like this, even though I looked like this for about 20 years. When I go into their homes, these pictures are still displayed, yet they always insist that I never looked that overweight. When I came across this picture, I thought it was the perfect "before" picture. My smile wasn't real. No picture was taking with a real smile because I was cringing inside. Upon the development of them, the pictures would be further proof of how bad I felt about myself and how I took it out on my body. So, here are some before and afters.

Before the changed mindset and the mass of knowledge I've gained through this process. After the wake-up call, my final goodbye binge on $20 worth of chinese food and the realization that I run my life. Not the other way around.

EDIT: Would someone kindly move this to the photo section? I meant to post it there, but my comp is acting a bit funky.
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You look beautiful in all the pictures, but there definately is a big difference especially in how happy you look! Thanks for sharing, they are very inspirational!!! WTG!!
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wow you look good
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wowsa! You look terrific! (and happier!)
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You were pretty before but you look fantastic now!
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Wow! You're gorgeous! You do look so much happier after. Congrats!
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Originally Posted by kykaree
You were pretty before but you look fantastic now!
i agree..
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You look so fantastic and so happy. Thanks for sharing the pic's.
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Wow you look great! Thanks for sharing the pix
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WOW you look really great!! Congrats!
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You look amazing!! I love your eyes!!! Congratulations on making it!!
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Moved as you wished!

Terrific job! Congratulations on loss!
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Here we go again...
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Good job junebug41!!! You look great!!!

May I ask how long it took you to get to your goal weight? Also, what did you do eating and exercise-wise? Thanks!
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Let's do this!
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mauvaisroux- thank you and thank you!

time- march of 2004 to november 2004

I had a couple of events occur right when I started losing, so it's hard to say what really caused it. I shattered my ankle that march and was laid up. I went through some emotional stuff that caused me to take a look at my life. I was living alone and laid up, so eating to entertain myself was no longer an option. I had also just begun taking BCP to help manage cysts and was symptomatic for PCOS. I wasn't eating anywhere close to before my accident, so I couldn't handle the amounts I was used to. After a few weeks, I noticed my belly shrinking and when I got on a scale a couple of weeks after that, I was about 35 pounds down. I took that as a motivation. As far as eating, I ate a primarily meat free diet (the meat that I was eating was not cooked in a good way- fried or fast food). I cut my meals and half, but ate more frequently. My meals also focused on fruits and veggies. Breakfast became a part of life and I cut pretty much all processed foods. I completely stopped eating out and put a hold on bread and pasta. I have since reincorperated them, but I was pretty uneducated about what I was putting into my mouth, so i kinda had to step back and look what I was doing. I became a serious label reader. I didn't follow any plan, but the more "raw" I ate, the better I felt. I started reading up on juice fasting and the benefits of a raw diet. I don't eat completely raw or anything, but I've found that it provides a base for how I structure my diet. And it's worked for me. Like I said, I just realized that I was putting entirely too much food in my mouth and it wasn't always the right stuff. Looking back, I was a calorie cycler, between 1000-1600 per day. I try to keep it around 1600 now.

As far as exercise goes, I was still healing and couldn't run anyway, so I stuck to the elliptical and bike. I have always loved being active, but I just had to be consistent about it. I also took up pilates, bought a few aids (5-10 pound weights, stability ball, etc...) and took it from there.

Personally, I have found that I'm imperfect. I will not eat like a saint all the time. My saving grace is consistency. If I'm consistent with exercise, then it's easier to recover from a bad food day. If I'm consistent with my eating, I can give my body a break from working out. Exercise is becoming more important to me than ever, though, as I've taken up running and love it.

I've learned that our bodies are so incredibly different. Some can do it their own way, some do low-carb, WW, whatever. Find your balance. My outlook on food is this: Calories in vs. calories out and getting the most out of the foods I eat. Balance is key. I believe in produce, dark chocolate, wheatgrass, and a colorful plate.

Thank you EVERYONE for your compliments! you know how to make a girl

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You look like a totally different person!

I really have to agree with you about consistency being key to maintenance. You're right, we all have our bad moments, but getting right back on track makes all the difference in the world.
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