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  • I still have a few pounds left to lose, but here are some photos of the journey so far.



    3 Months into journey and down 90 pounds

    6 months in and down 175

    Down 240 and taking my daughter to the pool. She is my motivation.

    Down 275 and I went from 72 to 46 in the waist.

    Down 300.4 pounds and 42 inches in the waist.
    Current weight 260. 2 years of new lifestyle.

    Down 318 pounds and still losing. Current weight 244
    This is my Dad, Mom, Katy (daughter) and me.
  • I can't stop saying how big of an inspiration you are. Wow!!
  • wow! way to go Charles!
  • inspiring!
  • THat is completly amazing!!!!! Wow congrats to you, I am sooooo impressed and what a lifestyle change for you.
  • Congratultions you look fabulous. A real inspiration!
  • Wholey smokes guy, you look out of this world !!! BRAVO
    You look 20 years younger to say the least... WTG... gosh I'm so proud of you lol.
  • Wow, wow, WOW! Amazing!
  • what an amazing achievment! such insperation to those taking the same journey. Thank you for sharing.
  • I whole-heartedly agree with everyone as to what an inspiration you've been. I sit around wondering how I am ever going to get these last 10 pounds off, and then here is a man who has essentially lost two of me. Thank you for helping to put things in a new perspective.
    Congratualtions on your great success!
  • have a very lucky daughter! Spending time with her dad is very important and now you will be doing so many things together. You look great!!
  • Amazing! I know if you can do it, so can I!
  • Amazing! Congratulations!
  • What can I say - you rock! How good you must feel about your new life! And that's exactly what you've made it - a life, a way of living. Keep it up and BRAVO!