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Charles... you are already helping us all! Your encouragement is a blessing and you show us all it CAN be done! Fantastic job! You daughter's soccer team party looks great.
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On A Mission
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wow. how totally inspiring. I showed this thread to my husband who is starting his journey today and he is very impressed and I can tell inspired as well. Thanks for sharing
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Enjoy the Journey!
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Thank you for sharing your story with us! It is soooo encouraging. I still have 221 lbs to go, and have read your interview twice, gleaning ideas and inspiration from it.

I especially appreciated you saying " I think it is the mental process of behavior change that is the "secret" to long term weight loss."

I recently heard someone say "it's all mental"...the battle is won or lost between our ears.

Thank you for the positive effect you have had "between my ears" !

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YOU ARE THE MAN!!! Those are pretty astounding before and after pics! I am sure your little girl is thrilled with all the new energy you must have with her!
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Way to go Charles! You are amazing.
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Very inspiring!! WTG!!
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Day 1 back on plan...
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Your awesome
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wow wtg, You look fantastic. god bless
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WOW! I don't even have the words to tell you how amazed I am!! WOW!
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Thanks everyone for the super nice comments. I really apprecate them. If I can every help anyone - please let me know. I really believe in "paying in forward" and a lot of people have helped me along the way.

Here is an updated picture of my dad, mom, Katy (daughter) and me. I am at 318 pounds lost now and still going.

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WOW!! What an awesome change!!!! Good Job!
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I just read the article on you from the link in your sig. It was awesome and awe-inspiring. I had goosebumps, literally. I think what you have done and what you are doing to help others is so awesome. What really hit home for me was the part about having no willpower, but having the willingness to do what you need to do to get healthy. You are truly an inspiration. You seem very friendly and down to earth and that will be really important in helping others. I just cant say enough about how impressed I am and how your story has touched me. Thank you so much for sharing it. And thank you for doing it, not just for your own reasons, but so that other people may know they can, too. Awesome.
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Truly a BIG BIG inspiration you are!!! You are amazing guy!!! Congratulation from Marti! xxx
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Way to go!! You are such an inspiration to us all,I can only image what a big impact you made in your daughters life,how proud she must be of you,and how proud you must be of yourself.God bless!!!
Wishing you all the best!
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