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Making it a lifestyle!
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Default In celebration of maintainance [60+ lbs original loss]

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you all an anecdote, given the abundance of messages saying that diets will always fail, or that you are doomed to inevitably return to your former weight. This has not been the case for me.

In March of 2013, I started at over 200 lbs, BMI on the line into obese (I am about 5'9.5", or 176.5 cm). That summer, I lost the bulk of the excess weight. Six months later, in September, I was down to 158 lbs (a total loss of about 45 lbs). At that time I competed with a friend in a triathlon that I had trained for all summer. (I accepted the offer on a whim, actually. I had never been seriously running before, as I had a tendency to be gifted with crippling migraines in return for my efforts.) I was in the best shape of my life so far.
I went off to college that fall. Regrettably, I (perhaps by necessity) slacked off on running and other exercise with the added demands of college. I must say that motivation for weight loss and healthy is much easier while keeping up a decent exercise routine, in my experience. Nonetheless, I made slow but steady progress. I started the next school year at 140 lbs, a BMI of ~20.1. This is where I have maintained ever since (essentially plus or minus 5 lbs). Personally, I like to be just a few pounds slimmer, but I already sit at a so-called "ideal weight" for my height, so I'll take it!

I may or may not edit this more later with more details, feel free to ask questions.

I scraped together some photos for visual backup. Unfortunately, I don't really have one for my starting weight - I avoided cameras.
Cropped from an old family photo
Summer 2012 (but below my top weight?)
Another photo with family - getting smaller
Triathlon day!
At the time I was rather shocked by how much my face had thinned by the next family Christmas.
Giving blood - almost maintenance weight
At maintenance weight, asking for a hand up after finishing drawing a chalk tiger
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Knocking down walls.
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Good work, Chronostasis! Congrats on getting it off and keeping it off!
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Trying to be in the 160s
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Nice work. I am interested in your exercise comment. Are you exercising again?

I ask because I lost most of my weight through diet alone. But when I did start exercising I noticed all sorts of other benefits. So much so, that diet and exercise go hand-in-hand for me now. For example, with diet alone I became "skinny fat". An OK but far from a great look. Exercise also helps me deal with stress. And makes me feel great.

I make exercise a priority. Even with a hectic work schedule.

For someone who was so into it (a triathlon is serious stuff), I hope you are back on exercise. I have come to think it is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

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Turning Into A New Woman
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Awesome work!!!
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Well done! I've always found maintenance the very hardest, so you give me hope!!
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