Goal Photo Album If you've reached goal, please share your before and after photos to help inspire others, and show off your new body!

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Default Congrats!!

Wow! This is my first day on 3FC and I came here looking for inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story! Happy New Year and thanks for thinking of us all by posting! I love the quote you posted...I've actually never heard it before! I am really looking forward to January 6, 2014!!

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Wow, CaramelKitty, you look AMAZING!!! You're so pretty. Thanks for posting, this is just what I needed to see and you've inspired me a lot. Keep up the good work, I know you can!
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You look FANTASTIC!!!! Such an inspiration! Thank you for posting! Congrats btw!!!
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Hey, You wrote a comment on my goal post a few months ago and I was really happy to see it. So incredible that I came back to check again and you've reached your goal.
You look absolutely amazing.
Congratulations! In one year too. That is so inspirational!
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I WILL get there...again
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You look fantastic. That bikini pic is truly inspirational!
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Omg Yu Look Great. Wat Excersises Did You Do To Not Get The Loose Skin After The Weight Lose?
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Your story is why I come to this site -- every day! You are a truly beautiful woman in all of your pictures. And your quote will help me keep going!
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Re-Start 10/18/2013
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What a transformation, you are gorgeous.
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HONESTLY, YOU ARE THE TRUE MEANING OF INSPIRATION! Your starting measurements are practically identical to mine which is why I can relate so much. I've just started my journey, but I hope I can one day reach my goal, and feel and look as AMAZING as you do! Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration to keep going!!!
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Claim it ,Achieve it!
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You look so Happy and Beautiful Congratulations
I am so impressed with your ability to take action once you realized your true weight I know how shocking it can be.
Thank you for sharing your journey and your pictures . Inspiring Transformation
Good luck,Roo2
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Thumbs up Beautiful

Congrats You Look Amazing
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You look amazing.
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Alex Michelle
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WOW you're such an inspiration. The same quote always gets me and keeps me motivated also " The months are going to fly by if you work out or dont" shows how we never realise that time flys! Congratulations on your goal weight!
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Default Wow!

all I can say is,.. WOW!
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