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Health is wealth $$$$$$$$
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You look so so amazing! Your waist is tiny, you seem to have an hourglass figure. Great work, you are so inspiring!
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Junior Member
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You look absolitely amazing and started off where I am now. Totally an inspiration
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50 and Fabulous :)
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Girl, you know you are such an inspiration to me! It's amazing how sometimes we have to hit rock bottom, have it thrown up to us in really unpleasant ways, to take a hard cold look and do what needs to be done. And you have. And as you said, there's no going back!

Thank you for sharing your story, and yourself, with us all. Thank you friend!
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live ur life
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OMG your transformation is jaw dropping stunning!! SO INSPIRING. You looked gorgeous even before and beautiful after! You look like a model.
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Move over Kim Kardashian!
Thread Starter
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You ladies just proved to me once more why I fell in love with you all here. I am so happy reading all your kind words and am ecstatic that I inspired anyone.

I'm gonna stick around the forum, ill need it for maintenance and toning

Love you all!! Ps. my word of advice: no matter how hard it gets or when you feel like giving up; just don't. its so worth it when its all done
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Getting smaller everyday
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You look absolutely stunning. You've worked really hard and it shows. I wish I could look that good in a bikini. I honestly can't see where you need to tone at all. lolol
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You look amazing! What an inspiration! I know exactly what you mean about not being strong enough to eat the foods you loved before. I feel the _exact_ same way about cigarettes!

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Absolutely amazing!! You are such a big inspiration!!

My starting measurements are the same as yours... I only hope that when I reach my goal my measurements will be like yours! Curvy thin is where it's at

I tried looking at some of your post history to see what meals you ate to make up 1200 cals a day! As much as I've tried to eat 1200 calories, it's so hard for me. What were your favourite meals/what did you eat throughout the day?

Again congrats!
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Default HOLY COW I hope I on the right thread!

Miss Carmalkitty~ I have been trying to post since last night.. but I am SUCH A NEWBIE~ I did not have access yet.. then when I did~ I couldnt find your post again. Perhaps my goal is to learn to navigate this site better~

SO my first post is CONGRATULATIONS to YOU! I can't agree more with the other gals here... you are truly inspirational. What an amazing goal to meet!

Hope to find you again and see how you are doing.. I am keeping a copy of your goal announcement next to my computer~ to remember your journey!

SO genuinely proud of you.... thanks for sharing your story!
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Dancer need to lose some
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Wow, that's just amazing.. Congrats
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So Close to Goal
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you look STUNNING!! What an inspiration!!!
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Yowza!!! Amazing job!!!
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As I said before, seeing your mini goal actually convinced me to join 3fcs, seeing your goal makes me extatic and hopeful!

You're beautiful, inside and out, way to go!
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*Embrace Power*
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Wow you look absolutely stunning! I love your quote btw, I wrote it down so I can keep that in mind, you have certainly inspired me!
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keep going
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Oh my god, you look absolutely incredible! I showed my boyfriend and his jaw pretty much dropped, he's probably wondering why I don't look like you haha :P

Seriously though you are such an inspiration! You have been an awesome friend to me here and I'm just so happy for you lady (I'm half asleep right now so I'm sorry if this makes no sense, anyway... delighted for you!!!!!) x
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