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Paleo-ish Girl
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Default 85 Pounds Lost ~ Size 24 to Size 12

While this is not the end, this is my goal. I started this journey in 2007, at 255.5 pounds and a size 24. Today, I am ~170 pounds and a size 10/12 (8, if the designer is REALLY forgiving!).

When I began, I had a single goal in mind: to get to the point that I could shop for clothes with my girlfriends. I had 3 children, and had gained/lost weight with each of them, without ever getting my stomach muscles back in shape after the pregnancy. By the time it really hit me that I needed to change, I felt like I was up against an insurmountable obstacle.

So, in 2007, I began Atkins at the prompting of a former coworker who'd maintained a 50+ pound loss for years. I was very dedicated and lost 35 pounds between 2007 and 2008. When I got pregnant with my son in September of 2008, I weighed a measly 220 pounds - the lightest I had been in nearly 6 years!

Of course, pregnancy brought the weight back, despite my "attempts" to stick to Atkins. I started reading everything I could on nutrition and metabolism. I stopped "dieting" and started thinking in terms of what my body wanted. That's when I discovered what would be the first step toward Paleo living.

When my son was born in June 2009, I weighed 245 pounds. It was depressing to have gained back 25 pounds, but I stuck to it and lost it n 6 months. I tweaked and played with my diet until I struck metabolic gold: meat, veggies, nuts and fruits when in season. I dropped the next 50 pounds within a year, my constant hypoglycemia and anemia disappeared, and I have more energy than I have since I was in high school.

Just a quick soapbox on diets: Atkins was miserably hard for me. Counting each and every gram of carbohydrate I put into my mouth made me neurotic about food, and often threatened to return me to my teenage days of anorexia. I was also hungry - often - despite claims that ketosis suppresses appetite. Because I was counting something in my diet, I had to limit my intake. With this WOE, I don't limit, I just eat the foods I eat until I'm full. Some days, I'm content with a few sparse meals. Other days, I could eat 2 pounds of beef in a single sitting and be rummaging for more in an hour. While it was uncomfortable to get used to, I've come to embrace it as a signal that I'm in tune with my body's needs - some days it needs a little and some days it needs a lot!

I'm also not a stickler for perfection. I've never deprived myself of birthday cake or Grandma's holiday food-fests - although both of those have caused hiccups in the road to weight loss. I'm hoping to lose another 20 pounds and/or get down to a size 6/8 within the next year. But if that never happens, I won't sweat it. I've found something I, my children and my husband can live with for the rest of our lives.

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Awesome job.... definately like seening where u start and where u are and your story .... you look great...
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Just Do It
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I'm starting this journey today. I have been reading about different diets, pills, weight loss strategies etc. Your story is very similar to mine... I am happy and proud for you!
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Wow! You look absolutely fantastic! Way to go and congrats on finding the right WOE for you!
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WOW! What a transformation! You look fantastic!!! Congrats!!!!!
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I got this
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You look awesome! 2 totally different women! Congratulations!
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congrats.....looking good

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amazing job
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Simply Filling Technique
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Thumbs up

Altari you found what works for you and I applaud the fact that you hung in there until you did.

again. Well done, my friend!
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Congrats on your weight loss, Altari! I've been doing the same thing as you. I never did Atkins, but I do like some of their recipes. I feel great when I eat right. If I eat a lot of sugar (like I did Monday), then I feel terrible. I call it the "sugar hangover." LOL

Love the pictures! You look great!
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I luv my curves
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wtg NICE WORK!!!
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It's about time
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Wow, you look incredible!! Congrats
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Nothing tastes as good...
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you're beautiful!
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One decision at a time.
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Way to go! And look at your cheek bones! They're really on display now.
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wow you look great!!!!!!
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