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you look amazing! thank you so much for the inspiration. I have such a long way to go but posts like yours. helps me to realise. that maybe, just maybe this is all possible.!
thank you! :hugs:
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What a fantastic story - both for you, and esp. for your kids. So exciting that you were able to be the inspiration and a great mom getting all of you to this healthy place in your lives.
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Wow, unbelievable. You look like an entirely different person!! Major congrats!!
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Thanks everyone~I am at 127 Now & in 0's~I am totally a new me.
As for the skin question the person asked earlier...Just work out while u loose & it will be minimal. I have some on my upper arms,upper legs, & tummy ~but with each workout the get better & better~& Are nothing major!~I PROMISE!! Just enough to bug me But I am working on it~& it's leaving ~nothing like I see on t.v. after weight loss~Just minimal(very minimal)
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What a transformation you have made. It's great to see that you had the motivation and drive to continue to lose the weight and not succumb to giving up. You look great!
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Originally Posted by Lori259 View Post
Just Click the pictures Below to View them bigger!!

Ok I am where I wanna be more or less & maintaining my weight just still toning a little but trying to keep at my 132 or 5 pounds above or below it as a maintance level for me.~Anyways started out November 11th 2008 (I COUNT CALORIES & ADDED EXERCISING IN about 3 months after I started.~!mostly walking ~Then toning exersices.) My original goal was to reach 150 Which I did in 19 months & 2 weeks exactly~I had lost 109 pounds.Anyways I had some problem areas So I wanted to update to show the new me ~I am 132 Now & I have lost 127.9 pounds In total(128 more or less) & an additional 18 pounds since my last goal photos. I am noone special just a housewife that was unhealthy~& Tired of being big ~So I got determined~First I quit smoking then I Started my weight loss journey Several months later.~I am so proud of myself & I am more than happy to help anyone who needs help on here. I remember reading these goal threads & thinking "wish that was me lucky people" ~It was motivating yet stressful. ~I mean it took me 60 pounds of loss just to get to the 100's! (onederland as we call it on here)Which there were goof ups days & days I felt helpless ~but the goal is start strong & stay Strong Cause if u give up U will never Reach your goal . I wanted to give up many times ~but I didn't & I NEVER WILL. STAY DETERMINED! LOVE YOU ALL & HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE TODAY TO SEE THAT WHAT WE MAY THINK IS IMPOSSIBLE IS POSSIBLE!! FROM A SIZE 22 TO A SIZE 2 NOW!

Pic #1 My Before at 259.9 Took In November of 2008 To the new 132 took in December 2010~(With new short hair cut also & Been wearing glass for close to 2 years now also)

Pic #2 another before pic at about 240 back At Christmas 2007 Before I started weight loss & gained an extra 20 pounds from quitting smoking(and Yes that was my belly hanging over~But for a joke I told my daughter that is what happens to your boobs when you get old ~LMBO~I am a bit ornery sometimes)

Pic #3~mostly all took In November of 2010

Pic #4 ~mostly all took In December 2010

Pic #5~took today with my handsome hubby 12-31-10 New years Eve.

Added note: Just switching the foods to lower calorie items Helped my kids lose weight too~My daughter approx. 100 pounds & My son approx. 75 Or so ~they are now 17 & almost 13 & at pretty healthy BMI Numbers. Just added Before & after pics of them(MY KIDS) in my post on this thread Also just click to page 2 & U can view them on my post

WOW!!! You look amazing, congrats to you!
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Wow! You are such an inspiration! Do you mind if I ask if you had any "work done" in the after pics? I'm very concerned about excess skin, stretch marks, etc.
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Lori, you are an amazing inspiration. not only did you take control of the bad habits that caused you to be overweight and miserable, but you changed the path your children were heading down too. That is phenomenal!
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WOW! You look fabulous!!! Congrats!
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You give me alot of hope! I've lost 40 pounds but I still have 70 to go and its difficult to continue sometimes but I know for the sake of health alone its worth the discomfort.
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You were my inspiration when I first joined 3FC in 2009 and after reading this thread, I'm even more inspired!!! I have been MIA from the site for a while and have gained 25lbs over this last year...IT SUCKS!!! But, I'm going to use you for encouragement and get back on this wagon!! YOU LOOK AWESOME!!! and so doesn't your kids! THANKS FOR POSTING!!!
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Wow I just stumbled across this - what a transformation and how inspiring!

Thank you for sharing!
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A woman on a mission!!!
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You look awesome!
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what an inspiration.
i also want my kids to be healthy. and hope to show them that it is possible to take control.
you look so happy too
well done doesnt seem enough.
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66 pounds by October 16!
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Amazing!! Congrats~ You're an inspiration.
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