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WOW!! You look AMAZING

What a great inspiration you are.

Congrats to you

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Congratulations on your success and determination. I love the way you say you're no one special, but you have done a very special thing. You've taken your health seriously and made a better life for yourself. That's very special!
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Amazing! thanks for sharing.

and your kids have lost an amazing amount too! that must make you just as happy as your own weightloss!
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The difference is absolutely amazing. Very well done!
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You looked beautiful before you got to goal, and even more beautiful now that you are at goal...and a whole lot healthier! Congratulations and blessingsw for 2011.
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Amazing! Good for you. Very inspiring.
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Lori..MY GRACIOUS! I have just read the tidbit about what gift you have given your children. You are WONDERFUL--even extraordinary. The media needs to find you and do your story. There are so many moms (ones here on my street) that would LOVE to accomplish what you have with your children.
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needs constant reminding
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Lori, you are a joy AND COMPLETELY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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WOW!! I'm new here and your post definitely provided some REAL motivation for me!! CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS!!!!!
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OMG ~I was M.I.A. For a few days So sorry & back to a zillion Sweet & Inspiring Replies~BUT THE KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL TOMORROW ~YAY~love em but momma needs a break! Thanks to you all for the lovely replys...U ALL ROCK!

Thighs Be gone~U know u was a true motivator for me! I just adore you! ~I AM SO ALWAYS GONNA TELL THE OHIO PEOPLE WHERE I LIVE YOUR WEIGHT LOSS STORY ALWAYS TOO~YOUR LIKE FAMILY! ~also Look below & click to make them bigger Look at the before & after of my 2 kids I was speaking of~AMAZING RESULTS! Cami is 17 Chris is almost 13

Everyone else....THANKS AGAIN SO VERY MUCH~Sorry it took me forever to reply ~my kids took over the computer ~we have dial up & they been On christmas break.

To the one that asked about toning~I started walking 45 minutes 2 x's a day eventually (started at 15 ~3x's a day Now to 45 2 x's a day)I also lift a 2 lb weight & do various toning exercises I googled for my problem areas~Upper arms~upper legs(thighs) & Tummy.~Trying to firm them up better. & believe me~The right outfits can make all the difference too.~Never wear clothes to tight when in between sizes~wear a size up with a belt if ya need too~ & a fitted top.This will thin you bunches!Also I am still working on spots there just hidden but clothes But with each day of exercise it helps! ~Hope that helps~HUGS ~off to make sure all shoes & Coats & everything is ready so noone misses school tomorrow LOL!(I GET THE NEW Wii to myself WOOOHOOOO!!!!~Well I get to to share it with the hubby ~LMBO!)

CLICK TO MAKE BIGGER ~BEFORE & AFTER PICS OF my 2 kids I was speaking of also.~(Cami's is in backwards order LOL Her first is the after & the last is the before of course ~My sons Before first after 2nd)I have 3 kids but the other just remained thin ~he was young & hadn't ate my bad habits long enough yet to gain.Cami is 17,She is at 115 to 118 now & is 5'3" Tall~Wearing a size 2 also LUCKY ME Having to share my clothes NO FAIR LOL!(j/k) Chris is nearing 13(will be Feb. 4th). Chris is 5'10" And at 189 ~BMI at 27~But way better than before~Since he keeps growing He is kinda working at getting to 180 In a healthy way~We don't dwell on it~There only kids once.Just switching the foods around helped them.Now they both actually wanna exercise a little a few days a week ~nothing major ~but It's healthy so I am proud of them! sorry my sons after pic is a little blurry~it gets hard to get pics of teenage boys sometimes!
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WOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot believe the transformations of your children. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGOODNESS! They were both precious and adorable before but now----SHAH--------ZAM!!!!!!!!!!!! Your daughter must absolutely be having a blast dancing her way through life now!!!! I cannot imagine how much your phone must be ringing!
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I hope that someday I'll be as much of an inspiration and amazing role model to my children as you have been to yours Thanks for being an inspiration to me, too.
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Running for my life
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Good for you Lori!

You look awesome. You should be so proud.
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You look absolutely amazing!!! Congrats on the transformation AND helping your kiddos AND quiting smoking. I am a size 22 right now and want to reach about the same GW as you so your story really makes me think that it is possible. It always seems so unreachable when I think about it. But you have shown me that it is 100% possible as well as so many other things. I start my weight loss journey in 2 days. YOU will be a huge inspiration. THANKS!

Thighsbegone - congrats on the weight loss. What a great example you have set for so many!
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Pretty harmless really...
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Lori, you look Fabu & your kids also! Great job teaching /showing them how to have healthier habits & improving all your LIVES! I agree, your story & family should be featured somewhere's! I also loved that you walked in your house for exercise, who would have thunk?
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