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Mission to maintenance!
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Talking Over 100lbs Lost in < A Year! Lauren's B&A

I figured these are long overdue and since I've been enjoying maintenance I wanted to post them!

I started my journey almost a year ago (September 25, 2009) at 21 years old and 227 lbs.squeezing in to a size 18 pant and entered maintenance in early May before my 22nd birthday. While my final goal changed many time throughout my strict calorie counting losing phase, the one steadfast goal I had was not to be overweight when receiving my college diploma, and I am happy to report that I was successful!

You can read my first post here - NEW HEREl

You can read where I shared my "I've had enough moment" here - MY LAST STRAW

Anyway, over the summer I have not been trying to lose weight but I have continued to lose the final 10-15lbs through running and a focus on weight training. I now fit comfortably into a size 2 pant and a size XS - S shirt. I have learned so much on this journey, developed a love for running and healthy eating, and I have truly found that moderation is the key to making this a lifestyle change.

Each of these before pictures are around the 227 lbs mark (I was heavy through out my entire life, but gained an additional 50ish lbs upon entering college) but they are all before I started exercising and calorie counting, and the after photos were taken from the point of my graduation in May, when I ran my first 5k, and most recently 2 weeks ago in NYC)

A Huge thank you to everyone on 3FC because I surely would not be where I am today , I admittedly don't come on here as nearly as much as I did when I was focusing on weight loss, but this place was definitely one of the determining factors of my success. The challenges were HUGE motivations for me, and I learned SO much thanks to all of you. So I suppose that is it, perhaps I'll add more pics or information if you want or have any questions! Just let me know!

Added -





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Oh my gosh you look fabulous! Major congrats! lol-this is gonna sound weird, but I just love your beautiful jaw line! lol
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What did you eat? Fruits and whole grains? Did you follow a particular diet?
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Hi there!
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Wow! You've done amazingly well! You look great!

Congratulations! The pictures were inspiring to see.
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Holy crap. That's fantastic!
That must have taken a ton of dedication and determination, two things I'm trying to get for myself.
Love the pics and I wouldn't say no if you posted more of them! They're super inspiring.
OMG, you're so tiny now! If you don't mind my asking, what are ur measurements?
You look fabulous! Have a great time in maintenance land!

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Pretty harmless really...
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Quite the transformation young lady, you are beautiful! Wow, Wow, Wow-
You sure went way past your original goal weight I see. It's amazing what a lot of hard work can accomplish, eh? Congrats again, all worth the effort. Happy, healthy you!
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Wow you are sure beautiful. Super congratulations.
I hope I am half as beautiful as you when i lose my weight. Wow just wow.
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shoobie doobie
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You are really an inspiration, I'm so happy that you achieved your graduation goal!

Thank you for giving me hope on a day thats been otherwise challenging!
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Native Texan
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You look AWESOME!
Thanks for sharing - WHAT AN INSPIRATION!
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Oh, forgot to ask. How did you deal with loose skin after the weight loss? Or is that something that just has to be dealt with? You don't look like there's any issues in your lovely pics, but one never knows.

Again, congrats on the achievements!

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Running for my life
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What a great job! You look terrific!
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Wow! You really look smoking hot! Woohoo!!!
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Get Thin Within
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You look awesome! Thanks so much for sharing. I needed this motivation and to see that someone else can did it and so can I.
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OMG, you're my new inspiration! It's cool to see a story and goal photos of someone who's my age (I'll be 22 in December). Congrats on meeting your graduation goal.

I'm with LaChicka, I'd also like to know about loose skin and how your body held up with the weight loss. You look amazing!
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You look amazing. Congratulations. Thank you for providing me with more inspiration and motivation to know that what I'm doing is achieveable.

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