120 lbs GONE!

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  • I don't feel like these really do my results justice, but here they are.

    The first is in June of 2004 before my wedding, I'm not sure what I weighed here, but I was less than my highest of 268. Then next was from two months ago at 158lbs size 12 and then the final are from this morning 148lbs and a zie 8. Enjoy!

  • CONGRATS! You look phenomenal, so much younger, and almost like a different person!
  • You totally look like a different person. That's AMAZING, great job!

    Congrats on the awesome job!!
  • WOW! - you look great at 148, but you looked fab-boo at 158, too!!!!

    Wonderful job!!! - Just wonderful!!!!
  • You look gorgeous!
  • wow you look amazing!! Congrats on your success!!
  • You look amazing!
  • You look fantastic!
  • Wow ncuneo! You look great at 148! You actually look much smaller than that weight. I would have guessed about 130! Must be all that exercise that you did all along. A BIG congratulations on an amazing loss! Balloon drop please!
  • You look great, and that must feel amazing!! Thank you so much for posting. I hope I'm an 8 in my 140s
  • Wow you look fantastic! Great job!
  • Wtg!!!
  • Unbelievable! CONGRATS!!!!

    Please do me a favor and put that beautiful smile from picture one on your face again.

    Hugs Les
  • YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!!! You give woman like me hope that it is totally possible!
  • Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!