Goal Photo Album If you've reached goal, please share your before and after photos to help inspire others, and show off your new body!

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S/C/G: 259.9/181.0/145.0

Height: 5'6"

Talking Size 20/22 to 3/4~109 Pounds lost!


Please remember to look at my second post also Even if it's in a few minutes cause I have dial up & can only upload 5 pics at once & I am downloading more~Gotta get a pic took today with me in My ghostbusters shirt Cause I am no longer the marshmellow guy! that i say I look like in my before pic!~OH click all pics to make them bigger!

I started November 11th 2008 Counting calories. Which I continue to do.I also after about 2 months added in some walking just indoors cause I have asthma~No exercise equipment Just pacing back & forth from room to room mostly while I was on the telephone~(My advice~Walk while ya talk ~IT BURNS CALORIES!& good for penny pinchers!) Anyways I within approx 4 to 5 months was up to walking 45 minutes 2 x's a day which is where I stay at & I do this approx 6 days a week.I eat 1400 calories a day~A number I was comfortable with~Started on 1200 & was a mess so I upped it quickly cause I was cheating LOL~So basically my second month ~I was at 1400 calories which I have stuck with & yes I have had a time or too I had some higher calorie days I just always kept low calorie stuff in the house & would make sure I never went over maintance weight if I had a cheat moment..Cause I do not care what anyone says noone is perfect So if you ever goof up ~JUST DO NOT GIVE UP! Start right back over the next day!. ~OK anyways STARTED Out in a tight 20W (Which is basically a 22 & they was too tight for over a month!)~And a 3X TOPS more or less~ I now fit into 3's & 4's And some 6's in shorts/jeans/pants~I wear a Xs & small & some mediums depends on brands and how long i want them In shirts. But I wear belts with mostly all the 6's cause there getting to big.(Never imagined to even get to a 6 let alone them getting to big ~And 8 was a dream size to me~LOL)Also My 9 wedding rings was cutting into my finger & I had to remove them & Now wear 7's but actually can wear a 6 & 1/2 but the rings I wanted didn't come in half sizes.ANYWAYS.... I was always the obese child & adult~Now I found a way I can control my weight & be healthy & do well & spend no money doing so~I saw a pic Took in 2008 In fall right before I started my journey In the brown top~Me at my heaviest!~I thought I looked like the marshmellow guy from the ghost busters movie & it devestated me! So Once I post pics here ~look below too for more because I can only post 5 at a time~And I have dial up so it may take me a minute or two to post them all~THE KEY IS START STRONG & STAY STRONG & NEVER GIVE UP! U WILL REACH YOU GOAL EVENTUALLY! I still got some toning up to do So I look good naked for the hubby~Which he aint complaining but its something I need to do for me So I May lose a few more pounds in the process But regardless I am happy with my results & the new me~THANKS TO ALL MY FRIENDS HERE ON 3fatchicks For all your support u know who u are & I ADORE U ALL! Thighsbgone if your reading my daughter said she deleted a bunch of my messages & Admitted up to a new one from you So I hope it wasn't anything important ~She want tell me how long ago it was u sent it But did say I phone number was included~UGHHHH KIDS! Anyways hope everything is good for you & with you!LET ME KNOW GIRL!


First pic: Before pic took in Fall 2008 right before I started counting calories~after pic took today 6-25-10!
2nd pic: Took a few days ago with before pic again & Me in red tank)
3rd pic: Took a few days ago also in blue tank~Yes I am loving that gold stretch belt LOL! I wear it in a few of my pics I love that thing!)
4th pic~me in red top~And my size 4 shorts~Perfect fit took a few days ago also.
5th pic:Full body pic of one of the other pics~Took a few days ago.

Added note:OH If it works to see a before,after & in between pics 25 to 26 of them & counting~LOL just click here on my facebook album if ya get a chance~I have dial up so it took forever to load them all! half the pics are posted on here but there is a lot of in between pics not shown in this goal thread. Just click on the one of me in my brown top first Then next from there to see the transformation if u can get to it~if not let me know!!


Not sure it it will work or not~let me know!
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Location: OHIO
Posts: 3,450

S/C/G: 259.9/181.0/145.0

Height: 5'6"

Talking More Pics ~look On This Post!


Just click the pics to make them bigger.OH NEARLY FORGOT TO ADD ~I GOT MY HAIR CUT ABOUT 1 to 2 months ago In like End of April or sometime in May & I started wearing my glasses full time since the before pic was took so for over a year now I have been wearing glasses

1st Pic: Me In My Ghost busters shirt At the same place my before pic was took ~out on the back patio By the old window!! Took today also~6-25-10~NO MORE MARSHMELLOW MAN! I AM FREE size 3/4 skirt~Small top!
2nd pic: Orange top & Ivory/tanish skirt~took several days ago ~maybe 2 weeks or so ago. ~size 3 skirt small in top.
3rd pic: Full body pic Of one of the after pics above tookfew days ago.
4th pic: ME in my doors shirts & Some cut off shorts size 3/4 Took A few days ago.
5th pic: Me today full body pic~After doing alot of house cleaning & About 8 loads of laundry ~Yes hanging them to dry out on the line so I might look a little ragged out or tired.~It was chores day for me~LOL!
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S/C/G: 270/253.8/160

Height: 5'2


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S/C/G: 336/336/170

Height: 5'7


Wow! You look amazing! Congrats on reaching your goal
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S/C/G: 290/ticker/145

Height: 5'9"


Wow, CONGRATS!!!!!
You look wonderful and you are such an inspiration
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S/C/G: 177/157/138

Height: 5'6"


Lori-You look gorgeous. I love your posts. You are such a positive person. I am so happy for you!
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S/C/G: 280/ticker/160

Height: 5'7


OMG!!! You look sooooo fantastic!! Congrats hun!!!
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Loving life!!
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S/C/G: 360/159/145

Height: 5' 8"


Lori!!! Congratulations for making your goal girlie!!! You look amazing

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S/C/G: 168/166.5/135

Height: 5 ft. 4 inches


Congratulations Lori! You Look Great!
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On a mission!
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S/C/G: 333/310/260

Height: 5'9"


I'm so happy for you. You look amazing too!
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S/C/G: 266/216/166

Height: 5' 1"


Yay! I remember when I first joined I saw your progress pics and now you're at goal! You look so good!
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S/C/G: 248.8/232.2/135

Height: 5'8"


Wow! You look terrific!


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Height: 5'4.5''


Wow! Congrats!
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I WILL make it!
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S/C/G: 220/186/160

Height: 5'8 ~ 51 years


wow, you look wonderful. congrats on hitting your goal.
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Getting healthy!
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Height: 5'7"


Really diggin' that Ghost Busters T-shirt. :P But, congrats on making your goal!
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