204lb to 128lb in less than a year

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  • Awesome!
  • you look wonderful, congrats
  • All I can say is Wow! You look fabulous.

  • Amazing!
    You look beautiful and shouldn't be ashamed of your old pics, it shows how strong you are!
  • WOW...CONGRATS!! You look amazing!! You have definitely inspired me!!
    Thank You!!
  • Congrats! You look awesome! Your story is so motivating as I am at the beginning of my journey.
  • Wow. That is all.
  • Congrats and best wishes!
  • Omgosh!! Your story has given me so much inspiration!!! Thank you!
  • Congratulation!!!! Great job done!
  • looking great you have defianatly accomplished so much !
  • What a difference!
  • Congratulations !
  • Congratulations! You look great.
  • looking beautiful