From one red dress to another (see pics to understand!)

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  • inspirational indeed! good job! you look amazing girl!
  • youre so beatuful!! *jealous* ^^
  • You are stunning!

  • Super Job! U look amazing!
  • You look lovely! I will think of this everytime i'm tempted by cakes!
    Slightly off topic but very jealous you have such amazing boobs after losing that weight - that seems to be the first place I lose weight
  • WOW :O

    Congratulations!!! That is amazing, you look wonderful. These pics are so inspiring because extra weight can make you look like a totally different person. I still don't recognize the person I see in the mirror after gaining so much weight. One day I hope to post my own pictures.
  • Wow. You were pretty before, but now you're stunning! Well done on the weightloss - incredible job.
  • :O:O You are absolutely beautiful!!! I just wish I could ever look like you! Very very well done
  • You look beautiful!! Like a model!! I am so inspired by you!! Congratulations!
  • Wow!!! Great job!! You are an inspiration!!
  • it's all already been said.... but you look beautfil, hot, sexy, stunning. Congratulations for getting to your goal !
  • What a beauty! Well done, you should be so proud
  • Omg You Look Really Gorgeous!
  • look like two different people! You were pretty than too though. Its amazing how much our features change when we lose weight!
  • Absolutely beautiful, congratulations!