From one red dress to another (see pics to understand!)

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  • You look absolutely gorg! Congrats on making your goal, and then some!! I hope that we all can achieve such success! =]
  • Wow!
    OMGoodness! I officially hate you! lol. You had a pretty face before but now your smoking hot!!! Great job!!!
  • Dang dude. You should be famous.

    And you know, it's really cool to see real results. Like, the "results not typical" stuff in real life. Knowing people like you aren't just the product of good photoshopping gives me loooads of hope. Keep up the good work! =]
  • You look AMAZING! I'm hoping that I'll be able to post my before/after pics in the future. I still have 40lbs to go...
  • wow you look amazing
  • amazing job
  • Wow!!!!
  • Holy cow, girl, you are hawt!!
  • How exciting! You have motivated me to stay strong!
  • You look great, congratulations!

    Did you have a problem with saggy skin? I am your same height and have about the same to lose, and I am stressing about it!!
  • Congratulations! You're so inspiring!
  • oh my god! such inspiration! you are a looker. im so jealous. fantastic!
  • Congratulations on all the hard work! It takes lots of Stamina!
  • Well you just better WORK!!!! KUDOS!!! Way to go...
  • WOW, you are absolutely beautiful. Congrats. You look amazing, I'm sure you feel amazing too.