From one red dress to another (see pics to understand!)

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  • You look gorgeous Thanks for sharing.
  • You look amazing. How did you do it?
  • Wow you look amazing!
  • AMAZING... And I agree, you can be a model.
  • Your so beautiful! Good job
  • You are truly an inspiration!
  • I know this post was made a few years ago but just wanted to say you look amazing Well done on the hard work
  • You look like a model.
  • Crazy beautiful.
  • Thank you so much everyone for your kind words. It truly means so much to me!
  • Amazing! Thanks for sharing!
  • Oh my god!! You're so beautiful! Lots of people would kill to have such a pretty face. Congratulations on your weight loss(:

    P.S., you look like you could be on a top model magazine.
  • xF3ARL3SSx- you are too kind, thank you so much!
  • You're stunning, Chica! Congratulations on such a great achievement!
  • OMG I am bookmarking this as my motivation!!! YOU are gorgeous before and after!! so inspirational and thanks for sharing your story with us!