From one red dress to another (see pics to understand!)

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  • You look amazing!! Well Done
  • Just stunning...Before and After.
  • I will say, I saw your first photo and said 'Shes pretty!' way to go on your AWESOME progress, also so jealous!
  • Oh my god you look amazing!
  • u look awesome!!!!
  • speechless
  • Amazing!
  • Wow! Total inspiration
  • Wow Great job! I'm totally jealous! What is your secret?
  • wow. O.O doesnt even look like you! great job
  • wow - amazing job - congrats
  • My mouth just dropped open when I saw your pictures! I am at awe. Thanks for sharing. I find the pictures on this forum very motivating and inspiring.

  • you look amazing!!
  • Oh. My. God!!

    I know this is an old thread (17 pages long) did she ever come back to say how she did this??
  • wow,
    cant believe what a difference you've achieved
    well done