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S/C/G: 183.8/183.8/150

Height: 5'4


you look awesome!!!!
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S/C/G: 245/ticker/150

Height: 5' 11"


Wow!! You look great!!
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NightengaleShane, the fact that you've maintained your weight loss for so many months shows such a commitment to your process. When people say discouraging things like '95% of people who lose weight will gain it back' you wonder if it's really possible. But you have shown that by doing the work everyday, it's possible :-)
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I wanna be SUPERWOMAN!
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LadyPhoenix: it's been almost ten months now

And... the reason lots of people gain it back is because they revert to their old habits once they lose the weight. They view their weight loss food/exercise choices as a temporary regimen, when in reality, they should be following a modified version of those practices for life (as long as they truly are losing weight using a healthy method, of course!)

I can honestly say I completely turned my life around. There is a long list of foods I choose not to eat and activity is a huge part of my daily life. I don't know how to do anything without complete passion and dedication... if I am going to DO something, I am going to wholeheartedly COMMIT and throw myself into it like there's no tomorrow. I have turned health and fitness into my life (personal trainer/nutritional consultant now and will be competing in the Ms Gainesville open bodybuilding contest next year ) to the point of where it is hard to imagine myself as the person I once was. I have an entirely new passion that I didn't really have before losing all the weight.

And while all this may sound like bragging, it's not. Statistics are silly. The maintainers forum has a whole slew of people just like me... heck, people even BETTER...people who have maintained losses for two, five, six ++ years... we ALL can do it... we can overcome all kinds of obstacles that life may throw at us to get there... it's just a matter of how much we WANT it!
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Wow! First I want to say, you look FANTASTIC! I went through your before and after shots... what a transformation!

You also bring up some really good points in your above post. Its the mindset of the 'dieter' that ultimately sabotages their success in getting the weight off. Been there, done that. Hopefully I've learned my lesson and look at my weight loss as the beginning of a lifestyle change instead of the end result.

I like the 'action hero chick' physique goal... cracked me up! But a much healthier goal than 'stick figure model'.
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Starting Over...
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Height: 5' 9"

Thumbs up you look like an action hero!

Great work I wish I could get my stomach to look that good, and my arms.
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S/C/G: see ticker

Height: 5'8"


looking really great, you'll get those abs you want, I'd say you are almost there
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truly an inspiration! Way to go on shaping up. Beautiful muscle tone!
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S/C/G: 231/xx/150 [105/xx/68 kg]

Height: 6' [183 cm]


your black haired pic makes me think of Kate Moennig *drooool*
amazinggggg ♥
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S/C/G: 183/177/160

Height: 5'2"


Shane - You look awesome and you are one my new inspirations!!!
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S/C/G: 151/151/130... was 190's in 06

Height: 5'4"


You look great!!!
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