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Outstanding! You're gorgeous! You look so healthy and happy and active...ok so I know you are sitting there!...on the rock! Great work!

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Thanks everyone, for your comments! I love that picture of me on the rock, too!

It's interesting that you all think I look younger; I feel like losing weight has caused some wrinkles to come out in my face that weren't there before, so I think I looked older.

Based on my measurements, I estimate that my body fat was around 44% at my highest weight and it is now around 22%. Meg, I think that partly explains how I was so heavy at 150 lbs--I was just so inactive that I was probably more fat than muscle.

I know it is nothing compared to what a lot of you have lost, but that 35 lbs just feels huge to me. When I look in the mirror, it is the difference between hating and loving what I see. When I started exercising, I really didn't think I would be able to lose any weight--I read all the articles about how most people who lose weight gain it all back and I thought I had screwed up my metabolism in some way that would prevent me from losing weight. I just never thought it would be possible to be happy with the way I looked. So it really feels incredible to me to have reached this point.
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Coming to this thread late, but wanted to join the chorus of admirers. Barbara, you look *fantastic*! What an accomplishment!

Be strong,
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About 4 months over!
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WOW, you look amazing. I agree along with the weight you took some serious years off you face. Congrats!! I hope it's everything you have worked so hard for!
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You just look so wonderful, light and carefree now! GREAT job!

I feel lucky to have a successful maintainer like you on here to show me that permanent weight loss CAN be achieved!
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Just Do It
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You look absolutely wonderful.
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u look awesome! congrats!!
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I might have missed the party, but I still wanted to congratulate you. No matter how much anyone else has lost, the 35 pounds is a HUGE accomplishment and you are right to be so proud!
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Barb, you are truly one of my biggest (or should I say smallest? lol) inspirations. I am looking to lose about the same amt. of weight as you and even though compared to a lot of folks it isn't much, it does seem like alot to me. Thank you for posting your pics and all the information and knowledge you've acquired through your journey. It's given me quite a boost just when I need it most.
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You look gorgeous and tiny!

And like the others said, you also look MUCH younger with the weight off. It's like you went on Ten Years Younger after the 35 pounds came off... or something
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wow, i really enjoyed your pics. Thanks for posting them!
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AWESOME! Slow and steady is the way to go! You look GRRREAT !
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Default Just Great!

Look at you on that rock! You fit into a tiny spot like that and have the stamina for hiking! A true inspiration - Congrats!
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u look younger
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