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Default My Story, My Pictures (37 pounds lost)

Well I posted a little something in the Goal forum, but nothing in here yet for my before and after pictures.

I started this journey right before Thanksgiving of last year, 2007. I had moved to Kentucky from Massachusetts and found myself turning to food to replace my lonely homesick feeling. Do you really want to know how depressed I was? I even wrote a letter to "Annie's Mailbox", the Dear Annie column featured in newspapers nationwide. And even worse? My question was published!


My name was "Heartbroken" and I look back now and realize that my depression had nothing to do with anything about moving. I was lonely those first few months after moving, but I ate those feelings away. I did stop feeling homesick, but still ate my feelings away. I was left with a body I was disgusted with and fell deep into depression. I continued to believe my depression was from moving and blamed it on being so far from my family and friends. I became a bit of a recluse and only found comfort in food.

This was a huge bounce from where I had come from in my younger years; dealing with bouts of anorexia and always being underweight. So it was a huge deal for me when I topped my scale at 167 pounds. I told myself I'd never let myself see that number again, and that's when I started to diet.

I was told by many that starting a diet right before the holidays was crazy; but I'm proud of myself that I did this. I proved to myself that I could make it through the holidays LOSING weight for once, not gaining. And I did! 37 pounds lost! It wasn't easy; passing up holiday cookies and leaning in for a cheese stick instead. But looking back it gave me a sense of having self control and I left the holidays behind feeling proud of myself.

Enough of my story, on to my pictures and results. I went from 167 pounds to 130 pounds. I went from a size 10, to a size 2.

That's me on the far left. Not the most flattering face picture, the wind was in my face. This is me and my friends at Churchill Downs.

This is me on my anniversary, Feb. 4th. I technically wasn't quite at goal yet, I was about 134, but this is the most current clothed picture I have.

Before Front View

After Front View (that's my kitty Gizmo that I cropped over my face!)

Before Side View

After Side View

I'm still struggling with accepting my body, and I still may try and lose some more weight. Maybe to about 125 pounds. But for now, I'm just satisfied that I set a goal for myself and achieved that goal. Yay for me!!!
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You look awesome - it's obvious you've worked really hard to get to goal!! It must feel great to look and feel so healthy!
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ur gettin' schooled, son.
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Wow, you have lost so much weight in the newest pictures!!! I can so tell. I laughed where you put your cat's head over your head, that was great. =D But wow!!! I can't believe you lost all that much weight. You can especially tell on the before and after side shots. You look perfect right now, you definitely do not need to lose to get to 127, but hey, go for it if you want it!

I read your heartbroken letter and I can't believe Annie told you to put your husband first! What bunk. Yes, you have to make certain sacrifices, but it made her sound like one of those agony aunts from the 1800's... "make a proper home for your husband, and do not complain when he comes home tired after work because he will not talk to you and just wants his dinner." Augh, that drives me nuts. You should do what is best for you, but it sounds like you settled in since then and things are more or less okay, so that's good!

I can't believe how much weight you lost. I am sooooo happy for you! You are doing awesome!
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You look good, and I agree with Mizu's comments about the advice columnist. I'm glad that you're feeling better about where you are, but in case you're not, discuss it (don't just do what's best for him). In the end what's best for him is you being happy and well settled no matter where you live.

And starting before a holiday - why not? The day you decide to start is the day you should start. Too many times I've said to myself things like "I'll start Monday" or the first day of the month, or whatever. This last journey began on a Friday (with a dinner out planned on the Monday). I didn't want to wait just in case I found another reason not to start.

Once again, congrats on reaching your goal!
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Wow, great job!! And you did that quickly, too!

As for the advice column, she must have missed my boyfriend's favorite phrase when it comes to these (or any) sorts of things: "Happy wife, happy life!"
Of course, I told him this when I'd overheard it...

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You look fabulous! And you sound like you're in a much better place. Moving far away can do all sorts of crazy things to your head, and it's an adjustment for anyone. The advice she gave you pissed me off but I won't go there because that would cloud the main point of posting a response... you look phenomenal. Kudos!
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you look so awesome! nice job
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You look wonderful! Way to go!
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Wow. You look great. Congrats!
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You look fantastic! Congrats...
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I'm on my weigh....
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You really look great! Congratulations on your loss and determination.
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Image isn't Character
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Wow, you look fantastic! Congrats!!!
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Work in progress
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Congratulations! You look amazing! Great job!
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Congratulations, you look awesome...and how brave you were to take nude photo's of yourself! I'm envious of your abs...you should be very proud of yourself...I don't know what to tell you about image...you're beautiful...I know it's a serious issue with young girls especially...body image...but you look great. My step sister had issues like that and went to counseling...the counselor suggested that she go to the mall and look at regular people...my guess is that you have too many magazines...the models in the magazines are air brushed, they've dieted to look like that for the time it takes to do the photo shoot...and many of them have body image issues as well...it did help my step-sister to look at herself in a more realistic way too...she's also very pretty. I pray for you to feel comfortable in your skin and appreciate how God has made you....He did a good job!
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Awesome job! I'm in the boat you were when you started...almost.. I was up to 190 got down to 150 (at the time that was my goal...)
I got married.. I gained back to 162ish..
So now, I'm on the south beach diet. I'm at 155 last time I weighed myself (yesterday) I'm trying the self control of only weighing once a week.
And my goal is 130-135..
Congrats!!! And you look awesome at 130...no need to loose more!
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