Made Goal!! 79 Pounds lost!!!

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  • I am so happy today. I weighed myself this morning with clothes on and it read 135. Plus it's that TOM so maybe I'll lose another pound by Wednesday{next weigh in day}. I made my goal in less than a year. I started counting calories and walking in January of last year at 214 pounds. I did well on my plan most of the time but did have a few slip up's along the way, which is natural. If I plan on eating this way for life, I'm bound to want the occasional french fry. I never really had a plateau, which was great on the motivation factor. I did clean up my diet a great bit from what I was eating in the beginning. I started eating a lot of whole grains and switched to wheat bread which I couldn't stand before. My snacks are a lot better, no more 100 calorie packs. I eat all the time it seems like, my neighbor always says "I don't see how you lose weight, you are eating constantly". I've tried to explain to her what most chicks here already know that you have to eat frequently to support your metabolism, but she hasn't "caught" on yet. Thanks for all the support along the way. My personal goal was 130 when I started, but I may be able to be happy with 135. We'll see. Size wise I went from a 16 to a 4, on my way to a 2. My bra size went from a size 40D to a 32 very small B. My husband says my boobs look like deflated balloons. I really don't mind thought, I'm really pleased with my overall apperance. Now I can buy most of the cute tops I couldn't before when I had a larger chest. Good Luck to everyone out there on their journey.

  • I'm honored to be the first chick to congratulate you! Congratulations! We are so proud of you! Thanks for reminding us that there is light at the end of tunnel, and all the way through it. ^-^ You're beautiful, and sound (if text can make sound) happy! Good luck on the next part of your journey!
  • you look great!!! congratulations!!! what a transformation!!!
  • WOW Lara!!! You look amazing!!! I looked at your before pictures and what an amazing transformation!!! I'm so happy for you!!! I know you're on cloud nine and I'm sure your family and friends are also very proud of you. Congrats on your way down to that size TWO!!!
  • Oh I just joined today and you are a great motivation for me! My starting weight was 215 and my goal is 140! You have really helped me believe that this is doable! Thank you and congrats on all your success! You look amazing!
  • Good job! We're all very proud of you... 79 pounds... and now you are at a thin size that lots of people would kill to be Needless to say, you look slim and beautiful!
  • Woo Hoo That is awesome. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations! That is really impressive.
  • Congrats on the weight loss and meeting your goal. You look wonderful.
  • How wonderful you look! You worked hard and did it!

    Your boys are adorable.
  • Woot!!! Congratulations!! Cute kidlets, too!
  • Bravo!!! Amazing!!!! You look wonderful congratulations!!!
  • What an amazing achievement!!! And you look absolutely wonderful
  • Thanks for sharing your photographs. Congratulations on reaching your goal weight and looking fablous.
  • What an achievement!! That is awesome, you look amazing and from your pictures its hard to imagine you were ever big.