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Thank you guys so much. I got all teary eyed reading all of your wonderful posts. This site really is wonderful, my mother has been less than encouraging this whole time. Everyone else in my family has been very supportive and all I can get out of her is, "you need to stop now, the bones in your face are starting to stick out!" I know it's an envy thing, but I just don't understand how a person wouldn't want the best for their child. She is like this in many other aspects of my life. I try to not let it get to me. This is how her mother was to her and she hasn't been able to break the cycle. Anyway now that I've found the motivation to lose the weight I'm going to go to college and get myself a nursing degree. I'm scared to death but if I can reach this goal surely I can survive going back to school. Thanks again everyone.
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Wow!! You look Awsome. WTG!!!
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Going the rest of the way
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Wow, you look beautiful!! I never would guess you had lost any weight at all if I saw you on the street -- that size is very natural on you. Congrats!
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Getting a new Image
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Wow!!! You look beautiful!!! Congratulations!
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GOOD JOB! CONGRATS! i am half way to my goal weight and feel great! i can only imagine how you feel right now!
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You look gorgeous!! Congrats to you!
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Well color me PROUD!!!
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Trailer Park Hippie
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Congratulations! You look great! Heres to a healthy and happy life with your family =)
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Wow, you have really transformed yourself! You look positively fabulous! And for someone who is 5' 7", you look just tiny! I would never guess the person in the before pictures was you; you look like a completely different person--younger, happier, more confident, and so much thinner!

You absolutely should be proud of what you've accomplished. You must have cleaned up your diet a LOT to lose 79 lbs, especially in less than a year; that takes a lot of hard work. Try not to let your mother's jealousy get you down; sometimes there's just nothing we can do about our parents.
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Let's do this!
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You look FABULOUS! I'm sorry your mom hasn't been supportive. In my experience, she will eventually catch her breath
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Wow Lara, you look fabulous!!! Congratulations and I love the haircut!!!
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active kids, active mom
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WOW! I would not recognize the after you if I knew the before you. You have completely transformed yourself.
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