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Default 40 lbs lost

I'm no speed demon. This first picture is in May '04. I had already lost a few pounds and really did not want my picture taken but I'm awfully glad I did now.

I then started counting calories and walking (which in time morphed into walk/jog intervals and regular resistance exercise)

On Sunday July 15 my little scale upstairs said just a hair under 120 lbs and I thought I looked particularly good for church.

My thoughts on my process that may help you ... so I bounced a few times, so it took a few years ... I feel good now.
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Congratulations on your loss! You've done a great job and you look so tiny!!! Enjoy your success.
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You look great -- and so tiny! Congratulations!!!!
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Wow...It knows my name...
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Wow you are look extremely fabulous!!! What a great achievement - congratulations!!!! you deffo look great for church!
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SusanB! Why, you're a slim vision!

Thanks so much for letting us see the difference!

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Go Ahead SusanB with your bad self
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Look at you in your pink sweater! You look great! I agree with everyone here, YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY TINY!!! And fabulous! Great job!
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Wow! What a change.

You look great. Thanks for sharing. It gives the rest of us some added motivation.
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Congratulations Susan. You loo wonderful!
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You look wonderful! great job!
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on the weight loss you look fabulous, enjoy your fruits of your labour.
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Let's do this!
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Susan, you look just fabulous. And that pose in the second picture is perfect!
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Aw, Susan! You're simply beautiful, inside and out, and we're all lucky to have you here.
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Susan, I've told you this elsewhere - I'll tell you again. You look simply spectacular, so light and airy and carefree. Like a real true "weight" has been lifted from you.

Congratulations on getting to goal. Your hard work has truly paid off - big time.
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Congratulations!! You look fantastic!! Like your pose.. Great job, Susan!!
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