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Talking My before & afters...

Hi...my name is Kristy and after years of failed diets I opted for gastric bypass surgery (RNY). I have PCOS, and even with doing a low carb diet & taking Glucophage I couldn't lose weight. I had also gone through 8 years of failed fertility treatments to try to get pregnant. The gastric bypass surgery worked for me. I lost 114 lbs in a year...and my health issues went away. Most of all...at 16 months after my surgery...I got pregnant without the help of medical intervention!! I'm now the proud mommy of a beautiful 10 month old little girl. So...here are my before and after pics...I don't even look like the same person...

Before - 254 lbs size 26

After - 140 lbs size 6

And a way cool pic...this is me 5 months post op...and although I wasn't yet at my goal weight...I was able to stand in ONE leg of my old jeans...

Thanks for looking!

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Wow, Kristy! You look amazing!! Congrats on the loss and your beautiful daughter!!!
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Way to go! And congratulation on your baby girl . Babies are such a joy.
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Wow!!! So amazing.
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Happy New Rears!
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wow, what a great pic of you standing in one leg of your jeans!!

How was the surgery? was it painful? how was your recovery?

COngratulations to you, your new baby, your new life
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Boy! You said it! You don't look like the same person.

How wonderful that you have a baby girl and that you did something wonderful for yourself before you got her. How much weight did you gain with her and was it hard to lose afterwards given your surgery?
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Your transformation is outstanding. Very cool that all your efforts brought you your daughter . My sister and I both had fertility issues and I know how fullfilling this must be to you. She finally had a son and I adopted two boys. Thank you for sharing this with us. Linda
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Wow!! You look fabulous!! Congrats on your baby girl
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I have less blubber!
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Wow thanks so much for sharing..You are my height, and are exactly at my goal weight! You look fabulous, so that really inspires me. I was scared I was setting my goal weight too high, but it looks great on you!
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Wow you look super! Congratulations! Way to go!!
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Way to go! You look wonderful and happy. Congrats on your beautiful baby.
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photo's like these are so inspiring , you look great.
well done.
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Wow - it's true - you don't look like the same person. Congratulations both on your loss and your daughter. That is just fantastic.
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returning to myself
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how's it feel to be a HOT CHICK!!!???
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Wow! You look wonderful. Congratulations. Have you seen the great Maintainers forum here at 3FC?
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