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  • These are my before and after pictures. As of today I weigh 120 lbs, and my goal is 110lbs. 10 more pounds to go

    I weigh between 155-160lbs on my before pictures.

  • Wow - you look fantastic! Way to go - what have you been doing to get where you are?
  • You are beautiful, great job!!!
  • sierra_ttw: Thanks a lot .. First 4 months of diet I did atkins and lost 20 pounds. Then I stopped dieting and gained 6 pounds 6 months after dieting. Then I started again and I have been just doing calorie counting ever since.

    Thank you so much..
  • You look amazing. Thanks for sharing the pics
  • You look you mind me saying - why the extra 10lbs? You look already very slim!!! (I look very much like your before picture)
  • Congrats on your weight loss!

    And you are smokin' hot!!
  • you look fabulous, and it is something which motivates me... great job... keep up the good work
  • Angel33, MissH,Butterfly71 thank you very much..

    Aspire_2_reign: Thank you .. I just want to lose 10 more pounds on my stomach area and my arms. Other than that I'm really happy
  • Gorgeous!! Congratulations.
  • Thank you karynlee
  • Outstanding, How long did it take?
  • You look amazing....great job. Do you mind me asking, how tall are you? Im 5'7 and would kill to be 120 (my goal).
  • Just checking my signature.
  • You look fantastic!