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Default Question about Michael Thurmond's program

Can 2 people do this w/ one program?
we don't need to order 2 for my hubby and I to both do it right?
can anyone give me a quick overview of how it it easy to stay on a good eating plan? I just want a little more info than what they give on TV.
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Hi Trish,

Sorry no one's gotten back to you these past couple of days...the MT Body Makeover thread is usually pretty quiet over the weekends!

I am starting my 2nd week on the program, and I like it. I've done MANY diets before (incl. Weight Watchers) and I like the structure this program gives you. If I've got too many choices (like WW) then I'm pretty much going to make alot of bad ones.

To answer your question, no, I don't believe you would need 2 programs for you & should do...but you might have to make a few copies of some pages (like the meal journals). It nicely gives you sections for both the male and female's "body types".

The jist of the program is...

5-6 small meals a day (eat every 2 1/2 to 3 hours)...exactly what you eat depends on your body type...I can tell you's really low fat (mostly egg WHITES, chicken/fish/turkey...veggies...fruit... unprocessed carbs like potato's, rice.)

Also, you eat a protein with every meal (except meal #6, which is a fruit, but is also optional...don't have to eat #6)

NO SALT!!! You try to cut out as much sodium as table salt...garlic/onion salt...low sodium foods...I find myself shopping in the "Health food" section at the grocery store to get low-sodium salsa, spaghetti sauce, chicken broth...

NO SUGAR!!!!!!!! If you need something sweet, it's gotta come from fruit.

NO FATS!!!! No butter, oil, etc.

NO DAIRY!!!!!! No milk, yogurt, cheese, etc....

What you're allowed to eat is pretty much what God intended for us to eat...very wholesome, natural foods...not a bunch of processed junk that has alot of sugar/salt/fat/preservatives in it.

I can tell you that only after a week of doing this, I do feel better...not as tired, lethargic. I lost 5 pounds in my first week...technically, I lost 6 pounds in 5 days, but then I went to a wedding on Saturday .

As far as the exercise's 4-5 days of WALKING 30-45 minutes...using this "deep breathing" technique that gets a bunch of oxygen in your system. Then it's also 2 days of resistance training using the rubber bands they give you...however I was using free weight before, and probably will continue to do so.

So is it easy to stay on the eating program? Only if you're need to take the time to prepare some things ahead of time, take it with you where ever you go (in a little cooler lunchbag), and eat it when you're supposed to, and hopefully you like cold chicken! (You don't need to eat it cold, but when you're on the microwave around...!)

For example...this Saturday I went to a Scottish festival...I was going to be out of the house for my mid-morning snack and for lunch. So I brought my lunch bag, ate 2 oz. cold chicken & a plum when I got there. Then for lunch I ate 2oz semi-cold chicken w/ mushrooms & Brussels Sprouts and 2 rice cakes...while everyone else was eating meatpies, popcorn, & such. On Sunday, I was going to be in church during my mid-morning snack, so yep, you guessed it...I stepped out into the hall, and ate my 2oz. semi-cold chicken & plum.

Sorry for the "Book", but I hope I've answered all your questions! If not, let me know!!!


Oh, I forgot...gotta drink 100 oz of water a day!!! (No problem for me, did that before I even started the program!)

Also, if you want to contact Beachgirl, you may want to go into her "Profile" and "send her an email"...

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