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susanje 06-24-2001 03:28 AM

Body for Life #8
Body for Life #8!!

Our Introductory Material.

Check this post for general information about :
1. Body for Life (what it is and how it works).
2. BFL links (Please let me know if you have more!) and
3. a short critique by Mrs. Jim at the end of her week 3
General Body for Life Information
Must Have: Body for Life book by Bill Phillips

BFL eating program in a nutshell (see book for more details):
six meals a day 2-3 hours apart consisting of balanced (or close to balanced) protein/carb using fist/palm method of measurement.
Recommended grams per day: divide lean body weight by 6 and that is how much carbs/protein you should have at each meal but it tends to correspond to your palm (protein) and fist (carbs). Add green veggies to 2 meals per day. Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.

Because of the six meal requirement, some people find it convenient to have Meal Replacement Drinks and/or Bars on hand. This is not a requirement but a convenience.

Meal Replacement Shakes and Bars (Shakes are better IMHO). Look for good ratios of protein to carb and low sugar (Myoplex by EAS and Met Rx not anything like Slimfast

Vitamins: suggest multivitamin

Supplements: l-glutamine for faster muscle recovery and immune system (this is not required but almost standard fare on BFL)

Supplements optional: many options but few (other than creatine) that is standard fare.

Workout schedule (see book for more details): 47-60 minutes intense (using supersetting and drop sets) weight trainining 3 times a week working lower and upper body on different days.

20 minutes intense interval cardio 3 x a week (see the BFL book)

Free Day: One day a week no workout and eat any thing you please, as much as you please.

Rest: 12 weeks of program with one day of rest each week and then one week of rest between each 12 weeks.

Mental requirements: commitment and dedication

Body for life Links

~~~My own page with week 11 pix (more work on it after I finish ttaking after pix)



'round the net bfl links:


(for plus women)




(for women)





(Thanks Christie!)





From BFL #3 Thread: Mrs. Jim's critique at the end of Week 3

Woo! Today's end of Week 3...
...I'm feeling great - my arms are sore (not unbearably so) from yesterday's UBWO...

For the remaining 9 weeks, I've downloaded and printed copies of the progress reports, then written down the strength training routines, with the dates on top (not the planned weight to lift though - I write that in the night before). Each week, I'll pull out the three strength training routines for that particular week and put them on my refrigerator to grab on my way to the gym each morning!

My opinion is, if you want to truly succeed at losing weight in any case - not just BFL - it requires some advance planning, reading/researching, etc. When you're considering a weight-loss/fitness plan, don't just go blindly into it. Do some reading and research. Talk to people (on line or in person) about how they've done on the plan - preferably those who have done the plan in the past, or for more than a few weeks. Ask yourself "Can I stay on this plan for X amount of weeks? Will I be able to KEEP the weight off? Can I afford to do this?"

Let's face it, BFL isn't for everyone (though I would strongly encourage all to give it a look!), just like WW or other plans don't work for everyone. It's important to find a plan you can live with for an extended period of time!

The things that appealed to me about BFL were:

*The structure of the plan - I've lifted weights in the past, but didn't have an actual routine to make them more effective. I like the way BFL's weight training is set up and timed - it's fast paced and actually enjoyable!

*Even though I'm doing less cardio than in the past (where I would typically spend 80 minutes on the EFX, followed by 5 minutes on the treadmill and 10-15 minutes lifting weights, six or seven days a week, in addition to long hilly bike rides on the weekends) I find I'm getting more out of it. My typical BFL cardio workout day consists of doing the 20 minute solution (using a HRM to monitor my intensity), THEN doing a 40-minute easy 'jog' keeping my HR low (120-140 HR) just because I enjoy it...I still do my Friday Spin class but only after my strength training and usually only stay for the first 35 minutes (primarily because of my work schedule).

*Another great thing is the FREE DAY...can't say enough about it. It's kind of exciting to plan what I'm going to be eating on Sunday! In addition, Jim and I usually go cycling or are out and about, so it's not like I'm hanging around the house pigging out...I still don't know what I want tomorrow...we did Mexican last week...maybe Italian??

Well, gotta go - my Myoplex is ready! Later...

Mrs. Jim

ShelleyM 06-24-2001 07:57 AM

Today is my FREE day! I am going for my regular 10 miles bike ride, though. I plan on making good choices today and drinking all of my water. I found out why the scaled hasn't budged. I just got my period. I'm so happy that I didn't gain! Normally my weight would be up about 3 lbs.!;)

Susanje-Thanks for the new thread-the other one was taking forever to load! I went to planetkc.com, which you suggested to me awhile back. Wow! I was able to print out different exercises that I want to do, rather than just the ones in BFL. Thanks for the address.

Labmom 06-24-2001 11:52 AM

Missed everyone the last couple of days. Been soooo busy at work that I've been wasted by the time I get home. I ordered one of the EAS utimate packs where I'll get myoplex lite, BetaGen and BetaLean as well as a gym bag and another copy of the book.

Not sure about the BetaLean - ephedrine and caffeine! geez not too much of a stimulant...tho as hard as I'm working maybe a litle speed would be nice!! I just don't like the idea of using a "supplement" that I'll feel like I'm coming "down" from if I don't take it. Have any of you tried it? I'm also getting the Cytovol (?) t(he extra I-glutamine)...I'm looking forward to trying that. But if your muscles don't hurt, is there a tendency to injure yourself by doing too much?

As always, your wise counsel, oh experienced BFLers, would be appreciated!!

MrsJim 06-24-2001 12:35 PM

Hey Susanje, how was your weekend?? Hope you had a great time!

Speaking for myself, I'm feeling so much energy these days - even though I don't remember being quite so busy, especially on the weekends! Yesterday morning Jim and I spent working at the ranch - me cleaning stalls and feeding horses, Jim hoeing weeds. If it sounds like a lot of work, it IS but it's also a lot of fun being around the horses too.

This Challenge - my first one - seems to have just flown by! Tomorrow I begin Week 10. Also for the next three weeks I'm planning on cutting my cardio way down. What I've been doing so far on cardio days is the 20 minute HIIT, then 30-40 minutes of light cardio at 60-70% of my maximum heart rate, followed by Ab Boot Camp. I don't want to hurt my muscle gains (especially in my legs where I REALLY need it) so for the next three weeks, I'm just going to do the 20 and my abs.

I really do think that glutamine powder helps a lot! I'm just finishing up a container of CytoVol - going to switch over to Labrada Glutamine on the recommendation of L&S. You get 1,000 servings for $45 which is a much better deal than the CytoVol (of course I really like the taste of CytoVol though!) I'm still using Betagen, and just started using Udos Choice Perfected Oil Blend, which is supposed to be the bomb to help with fat loss. Anyway, it can't hurt to try it!

For this Challenge, I have been following the recommended exercises on the www.eas.com Training Zone. But next Challenge I'm going to tweak them a bit - the new Muscle Media magazine has some great pull-up routines. Pull-ups are really difficult for me but should do wonders for my back!

Today I went to feed the horses, then Jim and I had our "Free Day Blowout" Breakfast at Stacks', now I'm going to go back to the ranch and do some 'horse housekeeping!!"

susanje 06-24-2001 02:12 PM

Ah, the weekend.

We went to Desert Hot Springs in the Palm Springs area to a fairly posh Spa Resort (they were filming a movie there while we were there).

They had 8 pools...7 jacuzzi natural hot springs pools and one large gorgeous regular swimming pool. We did the pools on Thursday night. We did the spa on Friday...I had salt glow, seaweed and herbal linen wrap treatment, manicure, pedicure, facial, swedish massage and hydrotherapy. It was WONDERFUL.

We had dinner at the hotel and then did pools for the rest of the evening while we watched the sun set behind the mountains and then the sky filled with stars.

We woke up on Saturday and did pools again. Relaxed...ate...hung out and came back last night. It was heaven.

I definitely recommend pampering for Free Week. It was SO GREAT!!!

Glad to be back and revved for C2.

susanje 06-24-2001 08:22 PM

I know you guys saw most of the pictures but I updated measurements and body fat percentages. I hope to redo this page over the next few weeks (I took TONS of after pix) and to start a C2 section. But for now it's pretty much the same except for updated stats.


Labmom 06-24-2001 08:28 PM

Susanje - sounds wonderful!!! And I can't think of a better way to reward yourself for hard work than to take care of your body in a wonderful spa. Good for you!

susanje 06-25-2001 12:39 AM

Several ladies have written to me privately to commend me on my results (THANK YOU!!) and to ask questions. I have encouraged them to post here if they're reading the book or the websites and are unsure. I'd like to encourage anyone else out there who is reading the book, unsure about doing a challenge (I practiced for 3 weeks before I began just to get a feel for it), or just really curious, to post here and we will answer you and encourage you and support you...so I just wanted to say that to anyone who is reading this thread and maybe the book or some of the other websites....come on in! The water is fine!!!


ShelleyM 06-25-2001 09:38 AM

Had my free day yesterday. It was great!! However, I mostly ate carbs--cereal, matzo, bread. I didn't overdo it, though.

Just did my LBWO, and feeling wonderful!! I can't wait until my clothes and the scale start showing it!

susanje 06-25-2001 09:49 AM

HI Shelley,

I think on my first free day I ate a box of matzo and a half pound of butter. :lol:

You WILL see results if you stick to the plan!!! Keep up the good work!!!


susanje 06-25-2001 10:01 AM

Re: Supplements


I have only taken glutamine and have gone on and off creatine. For C2 I am going to try gugglesterones and Adipokinetix (both by Syntrax) I have never been a big fan of "fat burners" but I'm going to try this combo for a few weeks and see what happens.

I also use Udos.

Other than that I'm not really familiar with the BetaLean but others have had good results with it.

Let us know!

ShelleyM 06-25-2001 10:16 AM

Mrs. Jim- What is the recipe for a Myoplex root beer float??? I have chocolate flavor Now and would love to have a float!

Genesis 06-25-2001 11:32 AM

Can I join this thread?
Good Morning everybody! My name is Julie and I just started the Body for Life program today. I've had the book for almost a year and I've attempted it in the past, but quickly fell off the wagon. Over the past three months I've gotten into the habit of exercising every morning so I thought now is the perfect time to give BFL another go. I don't think I'll have a problem sticking to the exercise routine, it's the eating I'm concerned about. I'm a lacto ovo vegetarian so incorporating adequate protien may be challenging. Here's a sample meal plan:

8:00am - 16 oz soy milk
10:00am - Luna bar or balance bar
12:00pm - baked potato w/ raw veggies & cottage cheese
3:00pm - cottage cheese & fruit
7:00pm - tofu & veggies w/ brown rice
9:00pm - protein shake

I know 3 to 7 may be a too long to go w/out eating, but I've got a long commute home from work. I'm trying to be realistic about this program so I can truly incorporate into my lifestyle. Is anybody else a vegetarian? I would love some meat-free BFL meal ideas.

Reading your posts inpsire me! I like the idea of pampering yourself at the end of the challenge. My folks have a vacation home in Palm Desert so I should plan a mini-vacation down there for the week after my 1st challenge ends. That will motivate me to stick to the program! I can look forward to showing off in my bathing suit! :D


MrsJim 06-25-2001 11:35 AM

Myoplex Lite Root Beer Float
This is my own recipe!!!

One packet Myo Lite Vanilla Creme flavor (I suppose you can use chocolate if you want...)

One 12-ounce can diet root beer (I usually use A & W)

Lots o'ice


Blend root beer and Myo Lite in blender. Add ice and blend until smooth.

I guess you could also add a couple tablespoons of Sugar-Free Vanilla Pudding Mix to this as well to make it thicker!!

Tres Yum!!!

MrsJim 06-25-2001 12:00 PM

Hey there Julie! Welcome!!
I just started Week 10 of my first Challenge today. After spending the weekend working with the horses, I really felt the burn in my legs doing barbell squats this morning!

I was a vegetarian myself for 8 years until this year. You may want to try Boca Burgers for protein - they make a "chicken" pattie that I've heard is pretty good. I don't think you can use GardenBurgers for a protein portion - I recall they're mostly carbs.

My weekday meals are always the same for the most part:

7:00 Myo Lite shake
10:00 Fruit and cottage cheese
1:00 Simmered Veggies & chicken breast with brown rice
4:00 Meal Replacement Bar (Myo Lite, Pure Protein or something similar)
6:30 usually a grilled chicken breast w/lime juice, brown rice pilaf or wheat pilaf, and a veggie
8:30 Myo Lite shake

A couple of nites a week I have a 6:00 riding lesson so I will generally have my evening shake before the lesson, then have a late meal of chicken, rice and veggie.

Another favorite dinner for me is Joe's Special - very yummy! Posted the recipe at www.leanandstrong.com in their Cooking Library...this can be made veggie by using Boca Burger Bits or something similar to subsitute for the ground beef.

I'd also like to recommend picking up a copy of Muscle Media magazine or checking their website (www.musclemedia.com). They have some really terrific articles in there - I'm already making plans for my next Challenge and wanted some new routines to try out. Like I said before, for my first Challenge, I'm going strictly by the book (and using the Team EAS Training Zone journal) with my strength training. A couple of weeks ago, I started doing Ab Boot Camp on my cardio days and have seen a REAL difference! I've graduated from doing Ab Boot Camp on a flat bench to the decline board which is much harder.

I just had a thought - at work, I'm in charge of organizing a regional meeting with members from all around the world. Our last meeting was in London, the week before I started my Challenge on April 23rd. Our next meeting will be on July 10 and 11 - right in the midst of my final week! Wonder if they'll notice a difference??? ;)

My first challenge will actually end on Thursday 12 July - I'm going to workout that morning then Jim and I are heading off to Yosemite for three days - a great way to begin my Free Week (although a couple of days prematurely). When we get home, I am not going to hit the gym for another four days, which is really tough for me to do but absolutely necessary! I'm going to try to schedule a massage for a treat that week but will most likely be spending the bulk of my free time at the ranch (since I'm going to be off work those days). See ya guys!

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