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Mrs. Jim-I actually like to have cottage cheese and cereal for dinner! I think I'll probably just use the ceral for my free day, since I tend to over eat it anyway. I just posted a question on L&S, after reading the FAQ. Thanks for the info.
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Thumbs down FREE DAY~~YEAH!!!

Today is my free day and I've decided not to do any cardio at the gym. It feels strange to not grab my bag and head over there this morning. Instead I think I'll spend some time in the flower garden, pulling weeds and planting a few things. (No weights but lots of squats! ) This afternoon I'll relax by the pool and make out my exercise reports for week 7. I don't think the gym will be open on July 4th, so I'll have to change my routine to free weights and do it at home. If I plan ahead I'll do fine.

Shelly~~~I'm 47, so I'm right there with you I also cannot keep from weighing myself 1-3 X a day. BUT, I don't panic if I go up a pound because I know I'm working on muscle. Old habits are hard to break, aren't they? I think I'll check my body fat today and compare it to the begining of BFL. I think a monthly check on that will be helpful to know.

I'll check in later to see how you are all doing~Have a great day
OMG, we're on page 3! Susan~any chance you can start a new thread? I'm not sure how to start one and transfer over the intro post w/links,etc. Thanks.

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One thing I forgot to mention about BFL (and I experienced the same thing on the Zone), was that I have always suffered from heartburn and I couldn't quite get a handle on what foods were causing it. I thought I was lactose intolerant...and I may be....but I still experienced it on low carb "diets" like Atlkins and Sugar Busters. I experienced it on WW and Jenny Craig. The only two plans where I am completely heartburn free have been the Zone and BFL.

However, when I start my free day with cereral and milk...BOOM...heartburn immediately (one of the reasons I suspect I have some form of latose intolerance)....

Anyway, I DIED to give up cereral but I did and not only has it been easy but after 1 Challenge, I don't eat it at all anymore and don't crave it. I didn't have ANY on free week. Probably a good thing to give up.

I wouldn't think that Shredded Wheat is bad per se, because it may actually have more fiber than the wheat bread many of us have for breakfast, but are you going to eat it dry? Yucch. The "bad" part of cereral is not only that it is high glycemic and most are high in sugar but that you put milk on it...which is high glycemic and also converts to sugar quickly.

It's so weird, I did enter the official challenge but I haven't written my essay, developed my pictures or anything like that. I think that the challenge became very personal along the way. for my morning Myoplex.


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Default The cereal factor...

Like you guys, I also tend to go WAY overboard on cereal!

Back in the 'fat free 90's' all the ads and stuff were touting the 'healthfulness' of cereal - but my problem with it is portion control. It wouldn't be out of the ordinary for me to have two or more bowls of Raisin Bran or Corn Chex at a sitting (with lots of skim milk of course!).

In the book, low-fat granola is listed as an authorized carb - BUT if you notice the same table on the BFL website omits this. The first couple of weeks or so of the Challenge I was still consuming cereal (I figured Go Lean Crunch was the equivilant of Bill's "low-fat granola") with cottage cheese, but found that I was having a difficult time controlling my portions, so I cut it out. I think there's a reason that the website omits the low-fat granola choice in the's easier to make revisions to websites than to a print run of books.

I notice that Jim is eating a LOT less cereal - now in the mornings he starts off with a Myo Lite and has fruit and cottage cheese later in the morning like I do (although I think he also grabs a croissant - naughty guy!). Pre-BFL, we would go through two gallons of skim milk per week; now a gallon lasts well over a week (I haven't been drinking milk but Jim likes his Myoplex made with skim milk rather than water - and he still has a bowl of cereal on nights where he has to rush out after work to practice with the band!)

I know a lot of people will argue "but Cereal is HEALTHY". Some brands have a good portion of fiber and vitamins/minerals - BUT I think most of us have a tendency to go WAY overboard on them. Check the serving sizes on the box - a serving of Grape Nuts is only 1/4 cup, Corn Flakes (I think) a bit over a cup, etc. I don't know about YOU, but when I eat cereal it's usually substantially more than that. Anyway, like Susanje, I've elminated it from my diet and don't miss it at all!
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