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LuvsButterflies 08-15-2005 11:40 PM

Slim-Fast Users?!
Hi there!

I'm new here to 3FC and already love it here!

I'm starting Slim-Fast tomorrow and was wondering if anyone else out there is doing Slim-Fast and if they are having success with it. I've done it before and had great success.

I bought their new shakes (Slim-Fast Optima High Protien). It's 190cals, 5g fat, 5g fiber, and I think 15g protein. I think that is totally awsome. I'm also gonna keep couting points, but I need more control ..... so I'm kind of doing two diets in one, and those shakes that I am trying are only 3pts per can! I think that's awsome.

Slim-Fast also tells you exactly how to eat according to how much you weigh (which is much different than years ago). So me being 201lbs I'm supposed to have 2 slim fast shakes, 4 snacks, 3 fruits/veggies and 1 sensible meal. I think that's awsome! I may not even eat that much though...LOL.

I'm gonna be getting a Taebo DVD tomorrow and going at it daily. Also when I start up school (2 weeks) I decided that I'm gonna get up early in the morning and go to the gym. I want to start that when I start school because it would be a nice new habit to get into.

I'm also in the process of trying to quit smoking....therefore I need the control.

Sorry for rambling....but if anyone out there is doing Slim-Fast, I could sure use a buddy, someone to talk with and lose weight together with.

Thanks for reading!
LuvsButterflies :p

RachelleS 08-16-2005 12:39 AM

I also lost with Slim Fast - but that was 10 years ago. I lost 20 pounds in 3 months. I've been taking Slim Fast for about the last five months I think and haven't lost a pound yet. It is so convenient - especially in the summer months when I'm working part-time and running the kids. I just started eating food for breakfast and lunch on some days and Slim Fast on others hoping that would get the scale moving - so far nothing.

I wish you the best of luck. I LOOOOVE Taebo and having been doing it for the last seven years. What tape are you getting? I am enjoying the new Boot Camps a lot but my resistant band broke and I'm waiting for a replacement - which is taking forever. With the boot camps, I was starting to feel more toned even though I hadn't changed in inches.


RaeReid 08-17-2005 11:06 PM

I was just reading on aol earlier tonight about a woman who had a heart attack at the age of 25 because of her weight. She went on the slim-fast diet and lost over 100 pounds in 14 months or so.

So, I was browsing the SlimFast website after that. I'm considering doing it. I'm gonna browse the items in the grocery store this weekend and see how it'd work with my budget.

Good Luck and let us know how it works for you :)

slimcharm 08-21-2005 11:41 AM

I tried slim fast and had a horrible time with it..cravings etc. I think the OLD slimfast which is still on the shelves is not filling and has a lot of sugar in it. I dont know about the new slimfast..I can find a good protein shake for 100cals..so why not drink that instead of the 190 slimfast? Or does the new sf have something good in it. The old for carb sensitive folks is just not a good idea and the bars are like candy and not filling. Hope that has all changed.

I do know that when I tried it, the slimfast website had fantastic support and it was free! Free menu plans etc.
Also there is a yahoo group on slimfast.

LovesBassets 08-21-2005 12:33 PM


I just wanted to add to something Slimcharm said about other ideas for shakes -- I'm not against Slim Fast or anything, and I've never actually tried it. But I just thought I'd share info on the shakes I drink in case anyone's interested. :) I drink the EAS Carb AdvantEdge shakes. They're 100 cals, 1 gram impact carbs, 3 grams fat, and 15 grams protein. They come ready-made in about 5 different flavors, and also in big tubs of powder so you can make your own, add fruit, milk, etc.

Just an FYI for anyone wanting info on shakes :) .

Good luck!!! You can do it! :cb:

slimcharm 08-25-2005 10:02 PM

I like the EAS and the Carb solutions and rotate between them. They are great to grab when you want carbos cus they can quell the craving quick.

aphil 08-26-2005 02:01 PM


Originally Posted by slimcharm
I tried slim fast and had a horrible time with it..cravings etc. I think the OLD slimfast which is still on the shelves is not filling and has a lot of sugar in it. I dont know about the new slimfast..I can find a good protein shake for 100cals..so why not drink that instead of the 190 slimfast? Or does the new sf have something good in it. The old for carb sensitive folks is just not a good idea and the bars are like candy and not filling. Hope that has all changed.

I actually was one of the product testers when they were changing over the Slim Fast line from the old kind to the Optima. The newer versions have more nutrients, as well as less sugar than the old versions. They have replaced half of the sugar with sucralose instead-taking them from 220 calories a shake to 180, 40% RDA of calcium per shake (ready to drink) to 50%, and other nutrient changes. I was also very sensitive to the old ones which I tried years ago...but when I test marketed the Optima line I didn't have any troubles. The bars and such have also been changed over to have less sugar and more nutrients.

I do want to stress that there are "protein shakes" and there are "meal replacement shakes" which are different. (This is the same with bars-there are protein bars, meal replacement bars,and energy bars. All have a different balance of protein, carbs, nutrients, calories, etc.) Protein shakes are for protein supplement only-like for extra nutrition, or for someone who strength trains and needs more protein. A meal replacement shake is formulated differently-with more carbohydrates, a small amount of fat to keep you satisifed, and other things that a meal would normally have.

A protein shake is just a protein supplement-not meant for a meal replacement by itself. A meal replacement shake usually has160-250 calories, where a protein shake can really vary in its calories depending on the amount of protein in them.

If I have to have a meal replacement shake now and then, I usually go for Myoplex Lite, Body For Life, or some other meal replacement.

Wildfire 08-28-2005 10:49 AM

I'm going to see if I can find the Slim Fast Optima products today. My problem is that I don't eat breakfast, many days don't eat lunch, usually eat a small sensible meal for dinner...so I'm looking at Slim Fast as a way to get the vitamins/nutrients I need. Take last Thursday for example...miserable day at work...no breakfast, cereal bar at lunch, handful of grapes and a cheese sandwich for dinner with a cup of coffee. Not exactly a balanced meal plan! I need to eat more to lose weight, so I'm hoping Slim Fast might be a good bridge for me.

Any recommendations as to which flavors/products are good and which to leave on the shelf?

RachelleS 08-28-2005 04:30 PM

Wildfire, I think it's all about personal taste - even my own tastes change. Last time I did Slimfast I drank mostly the French Vanilla. This time it's the Milk Chocolate one. I tried the capaccino one and didn't care for it - but I added vanialla protein powder to it and it was alright. For awhile, since I haven't been losing using the SF Optima this time around, I did try it with adding protein powder. Nothing changed but I was adding the powder for both breakfast and lunch. Maybe I'll try it with adding it to just breakfast.

Good luck! Rachelle

RaeReid 08-28-2005 08:29 PM

I started doing SlimFast last week on Monday. I went to the website and signed up for free to get a customized meal plan according to my current weight.

I ate a meal replacement bar for breakfast and lunch (and they also give you options for things you can eat with the replacements). With breakfast, I did the chocolate chip low-carb breakfast bar and usually an orange or some other piece of fruit and a small serving of fat-free milk (didn't do the milk everyday though)

For lunch, I ate the peanut butter granola bar (which I actually really liked) and usually a half of a roast beef sandwich on multi-grain bread with mustard and sometimes fat-free cheese.

For snacks, I usually ate 10 baby carrots or some cucumber slices. A couple of days I ate string cheese. And then had a sensible meal for my dinners.

When I stepped on the scale this morning, I was down 4 pounds. So, I'm going to stick with the program for now. I haven't had any really bad cravings. If anything, my appetite has decreased somewhat.

The new line of products are definitely better then the old shakes. I could never tolerate the taste of those, but these new bars are better. The peanut butter crunch bar they have for a snack is yummy. :)

TatianaHdz 08-28-2005 08:46 PM

I think the Slim Fast products are great to have when you're in a hurry and don't have time to cook breakfast or lunch, and they can be good for snacks. I use them a lot when I'm on the run, or if I'm having a chocolate craving I'll have a chocolate shake instead of a normal meal. But, for me personally, I don't think it is something I could stick to for life. You will eventually get sick of it...well, I know I would. So, I think if you want to use it to get started, that's great, but have a plan in place for when you eventually get tired of it. Start thinking of other meals and snacks for the same amount of calories. They are very convenient though, and if you can handle drinking those shakes for a long time and don't think you will get tired of them, it could really work. Any time you consume less calories, you'll lose weight, so if you're able to stick with it, go for it! Good luck!!! :)

chezz 09-07-2005 02:06 PM

I started slimfast last weekend and I think I am down but will find out for sure tomorrow night at weigh-in. I think over here in England we are still on the old shakes though. They have 215 cals in them. I also like the musili bars and the choc ones, breakfast and snack types. I just find them so easy and I love the strawberry milkshake. Maybe our mix is not the same as yours.
I have also looked at the slimfast site but it may not be the same one. I am on the buddie list if you want to write or we can write on here. I don't have lots to lose but slimming pals are great. :D


KamsMoMa 09-10-2005 03:16 AM

Im also new here, maybe we can become slim fast buddies :) anyway I've just started doing the slim fast shakes Thursday...SO far I love the creamy milk chocolate and the french vanilla:)..

Im 2 days into it and so far after each shake I do get full for a while, so I guess thats a plus:) Im also doing it to help shrink my appetite back down to eat smaller portions....

chezz 09-11-2005 05:38 PM

Havn't been here for a couple of days but weighed in last Thurs and had lost 2lbs so very happy with that :cb: :goodscale . Hope to do it again this Thurs.
How are you doing?


Moi 01-28-2006 03:26 PM

Hi! Is anyone doing slimfast plan now? How is it working for you?

I'm glad to hear the new Optima has less sugar!


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