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  • Hello,
    I gotta say this is a terrific forum...
    I have been on WW for three months (I have lost 20 pounds) and I feel like I am really just treading water and I am looking for something DIFFERENT.
    I am looking for something more effective for me.
    I had a friend who started this and absolutely LOVED it.
    I am trying to lost about 40 pounds (OK I will be honest and say I would LOVE to lose 50, but I really don't feel I can DO it) before my wedding in March. That seems like a really agressive goal...but I THINK I can do the 40 pounds. I was hoping to get more information on what the program looks like. I have been lurking for the last couple of days trying to glean any and all info there an easier way to figure it out? Like..does anyone have some kind of quick synopsis that they could share, so I know that I am looking at?
    Thanks for any and all help you can provide!
  • Check out this link - it will give you a great overview of this diet. It is not exact, but will give you some insight. 50 lbs is possible on this diet over the next 28 weeks; but you have to be real about life happening also, so 40 pounds might be more realistic.

    To be successful you must follow the program very closely. When you do - you will be amazed at the results. I find my journaling is a MUST.

    WW never worked for me b/c it didn't teach me the right way to eat - I could still binge on the bad stuff. This program doesn't allow it. I eat better than I ever have!

    The success stories on this board are amazing and very motivating! Good luck with your decision and planning your wedding.
  • I would personally visit the website before going into one of the centers and signing up, and go to the section in that website under weight control.

    Flip through the actual reports there in weight control, and you will see that LA Weight Loss centers have a ton of complaints, and interestingly enough, some of the reports are from former counselors who explain how the company works, and how they are trained in their high pressure sales tactics. It is a good way to be fully aware of how the salespeople are trained before you decide to go into the center, and if you are already a member of LAWL, it is a good way to learn how the counselors "tick" so that you can better combat their sales tactics.
  • With all of those bad reports out there....weren't you all nervous about trying the program? I wish I would have researched it a bit more before paying. However, there are many people on here with VERY positive results. It seems like if you stick to the eating program, whether or not you choose to do lites, you can be successful. I hope!
  • I too read all the reports (good and bad...mostly bad). I bought the lites but it was because a friend of mine has had great success with the program and said they were good for her sweet tooth and that's one of my biggest problems. I don't buy the supplements or any other snacks. Teh bars worked out to about $1.40 or so each when i bought them in bulk and I figured I would spend about that on other bars or other junk food I had been buying, so it was well worth the cost. My weight loss weeks cost about $500 and for me it was worth every penny.

    As nursegal said, the program works if you follow it, as most will....I think the bigger question is are you going to follow it for life. This is a life style change and this (for me) is a way of eating that I can live with for the rest of my life. I love the fact that I rarely eat anything out of a box or can anymore, I buy all fresh fruits, veggies and meats and I feel so much better for it. I agree with Michelle, that WW never helped me eat 'right', but now I think I have it.

    The other thing I'll mention is that I've lost 65lbs and am about 10lbs from goal. I eat out everyday at lunch, but usually at a sit down place and I order fish or chicken with steamed veggies or a salad, but I like that I can still eat out too.

    Okay, that's my two cents and I'm climbing down from my soapbox.

    Take care,
  • Jen: I have to agree with you. I'm very happy that I'm on LA's plan. It certainly does train you to eat well, and the right foods. I was about 5-6 lbs from goal, but blew it the past month with vacations and negelecting my goal. I'm now 13 lbs from my goal. I'm not giving up. If I stick to the plan, I know I will be at goal shortly.

    I followed Aphil's link and I have to say, it's not the first time I've read some of those comments. I was lucky to join the plan when the weekly price was $2/week - so my investment was much cheaper than others - and I only had 32 lbs to lose. I do buy the LA Lites - I look forward to the treat. I buy my DH bars that are $1.99/each - so what's the difference other than I pay for them upfront. Cheaper if you buy in bulk. I could never be in sales of any kind. I'm not a big BSer so I'd do badly if I choose that career. LOL!

    Dee in AZ: It's very possible to lose what you want by March 2006, probably before then. We will give you all the encouragement you need weather you join LA or not. Like AuditGirl said, it's worth it - but you have to be willing to say NO if you don't want to buy the LA Lites (because they can't refuse you - they will give you a plan that includes more 'real' food). If you are wimpy, just tell them that you have a gall bladder problem - you can't do the LA Lites with that condition. I don't take any supplements, and don't do the Take Off many more (or at least not with their products). If you keep telling them NO and be firm. If your wimpy and afraid to stick to your guns, they will walk all over you and try to talk you into anything. Hey, like that country song "I've got ocean front property in Arizona" - if you buy that "I'll through in the Golden Gate Bridge for free". LOL

    Good Luck with your decison, Sy
  • I must not have found the right place. I found 173 reports under Weight Control, of which 11 were about LA Weightloss, and only one of those was from a former counselor. For the most part they were from disgruntled users who felt they were lied to or had hard pressure sales pitches. I haven't had either of those problems at my center. Also, most of the complaints were from the northeast (New York, New Jersey). It is good information to have before you go in, but once you've signed on the dotted line the reports do you absolutely no good whatsoever.

    On a different note, I went with my cousin today to check into upgrading her 12 week program into a full program. After looking at all the options, she decided to stay with what she had. The counselor simply said, "OK, but if you do decide to upgrade, come see me, all right?" No hard sales, nothing. She is the assistant manager.
  • I don't know much about LA Weightloss, but I have seen some people have success with it. I just wanted to say that I too was having the problem on WW with eating too much of the "bad" stuff because it was cheaper points-wise in the short term, and I needed a stronger set of guidelines. I switched to their Core program, which is basically more of a focus on whole foods and healthier carbs. I use some of my flex for the bad stuff and follow the 8 healthy guidelines to create a template for meal plans, and it's worked beautifully. No more junk for me beyond the very occasional treat.

    Just wanted to throw that option out there.
  • THANKS, you guys!
    Well, gosh,
    I really really appreciate the support...
    You guys are absolutely incredible...reaching out to me, a total stranger!!!
    I am going to start the TO program tomorrow AM...(I gotta be able to find some Knudsen's around Phoenix, somewhere).
    I have elected to not go to LAWL to go through their "formal" program. I will try this thing on my own (with your help) for a while. If I have troubles and really need one-on-one help...I will consider going in.
    I have a WEDDING to save for, LOL.
    I have TONS of will power, usually...WW is too free-form for me.
    I KNOW I can do this...and I WILL.....
    I will be checking in here frequently....'cause you "chicks" are the BEST!!!!!
    Hope you don't mind becoming my new "support group"??
    Thanks for your support, a new, and newly loyal "chick",

    BTW....THANKS for the file to help me to get started, marbear!!!! That was REALLY generous of you!!!
  • Hey Dee -- jump on in on our monthly thread - love to have you! The program is very liveable once you get in the habit.

    Where in AZ are you? Drove thru bits of it last summer. Have an aunt in the Phoenix area.

  • Will do!
  • Good luck to you in losing weight for your wedding! I am just recently married and was not as thin as I wanted to be for the wedding so I can tell you first hand it is worth it to stick to your guns and look healthy. However, no matter how you look it is such a wonderful day! I know planning it all is stressful, but just hang in there! Good luck to you and congrats!
  • Thanks, Mary!
    I gotta say...I felt like a health nut when I checked out last night!
    Thanks, nursegal81, I am not losing the weight JUST for the wedding...I am losing it for me...and if I wait and lose it after the wedding...I will be pretty ticked off at myself every time I see the pictures...
    If I just do as well as I can on this diet...I will be happy with whatever weight I lose...because I will know that I did all that I COULD do to make my wedding day a happy and healthy one!
    Plus, we are going to Hawaii...and we are going to be really active there, so I am needing to get into better physical shape (think heavy current kayaking...and scuba diving) for the trip.
  • Won't look at the scales
    Hi! I'm new to LA weightloss...into my second week. I refuse to look at the scales when they weigh my THREE times a week because I am afraid the number will cause an emotional reaction that will actually sabotage my success. Does anyone get that? Well, even by not looking, I can tell if I have gone up or down based on how the counselor conducts the one-on-one. "Are you getting back on track today?!" So....anybody have any ideas of how I can stop caring about the number and just focus on following the program? Thanks!
  • Since the counselors do go by the number on the scale, that's how they are gonna react. However if you follow the plan you should go down in weight 98% of the time.