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Anyone doing I am doing it now after learning about it through this website. This is week 3 and I'm doing pretty well. It took awhile to get used to and it can be very time consuming if you want to adjust the meal plans they give you but I like the way it tracks your calories in and calories out and schedules your exercise days. I also like that I am not hungry most of the time which I can't say the same when I am doing Weight Watchers. I did WW for 3 years and lost 150 lbs but the last year I was starving and then that would lead to cheating. I'm hoping to use ishape to get me down my last 30 lbs.

One thing that is lacking in the forums on ishape. They have them but they don't seem to be uses much. I was hoping that this site would start a separate forum for ishape users.

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it's always something
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I love it, and signed up for the annual term. I don't follow it to the letter, but have incorporated it into my life. It does take a little time to learn how to customize foods, etc, but at least it's very flexible that way. I'm really happy with the choices of foods and exercises and find it easy to find something I like.

Congratulations on your 150 lb loss, that's impressive!
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