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Default Anyone has success on the GI Diet

I am going to start the GI Diet tomorrow. It looks like a great plan but curious if anyone has had any success on it.

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I don't follow the GI Diet, exactly, although I did read the book, and the New Glycemic Revolution as well. I count calories, and follow a low-glycemic diet. I've lost just under 70 pounds since March, and I absolutely believe that living low-GI has played an important role in that. I really feel that in my case, at least, counting calories is non-negotiable.

Best to you!
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Hey thanks lessof. It just looked to simple to actually work, does that make sense.

I guess I think that weightloss is difficult and something this simple can't work that great.

Hey we also have the same goal weight.....congrats on your success and thanks for the info.
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Default Just srarting out on Low GI

Iam Alana and I am going to give the low GI plan a go as well may be we can keep in touch and give each other support
Please let me know how you go Iam 102kg I have a lot to lose

But I keep smiling
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Default I LOVE the G.I. Diet (low glycemic)

I really love the G.I. Diet (check out for more information). I have both of Rick Gallop's books. I did super well following the plan last year and then for whatever reason I stopped. My personal reasoning is that I think I found it TOO EASY and thought it had to be more difficult (i.e. there's no counting points, measuring foods, counting calories, etc.). So, I'm back in a slump and ready to start fresh.

I had an emergency ulcerated hernia op in September and I am now sporting a hot pink cast all the way up to my knee. I broke my foot 4 weeks ago simply by standing still loading groceries. My ankle just rolled over and broke a bone.

Needless to say I am really in a slump as I'm unable to exercise (I go to Figures on my lunch hour - similar to Curves) and my eating has gone to pot.

My goal is start fresh in the New Year.

I just registered on this site and would be really like to see a G.I. followers thread continue and have lots of support for each other.


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Thumbs up Gi Diet

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to tell you my experience with the GI Diet. I lost 7 pounds in one week before Christmas - unfortunately I put it back on again over the festivities. But now I'm back on it and I want to lose 3 stone for my holiday at Easter to Florida!!

I think it works for me because it encourages you to snack between meals (only the right foods of course!) but that used to be my downfall - I would get so hungry between meals and have something - then I would be so cross with myself for cheating and promise to start again tomorrow. Of course in the meantime I would stuff myself silly - all the while promising that "I would do better tomorrow"!!

I have tried the Atkins and it did work for me - but no way can I stick to it for more than 1 week - I found myself craving for an apple!!

Good luck to anyone on the GI Diet.
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Smile Anyone has success on the GI diet

Hi Everyone !! I am starting on the GI diet on Monday.. I met a lady here that lost a lot of weight on it and as I like that type of food have to get in and give it a go.

I first found this site 5 yrs ago and lost using the low fat diet then but this sounds even better...

I am in Sydney Austarlia now but come from Townsville Nth Qld. ( not far from Sarina heheh) Work shift work and have 5 adult kids..

Crossing my fingers hope to get off to a good start Monday.. Bye for now Violet aka Shirley
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