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Default Rosedale diet?

Hello! I was just wondering if anyone has tried the Rosedale diet and if so, how long they have been on it, what kind of reciepes do you use, and if you have had any success with it. I just bought and read the book, I love it and it makes sense, but I am still kinda confused in some parts and was hoping to find someone who is doing it to. Thanks!
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I was also wondering about this diet. I was hoping someone would respond. What I read sounded pretty good, but I don't have to book. Wasn't sure if it was worth the investment.

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The Rosedale diet is not too different from other induction-phase lower-carb diets (such as Hamptons or SBD). The author does go on a lot aabout a hormone called Leptin which has been shown to regulate hunger.

The diet itself does not have strict eating plans.

In my opinion theres not lot new in this diet, and it seems too low in protein. To be honest it seems that savvy marketing rather good sense - is what makes a diet popular. The whole concept of an induction phase is really just for popularity. Suddenly drastically reducing your carb intake generally results in water loss. The sudden loss of weight gets people excited, but you generally aint burning fat, and often, down the track, the weight comes back on.

Personally I've found that losing anything more than 2 pounds per week results in me losing muscle mass (that probably took me 3 months to build at the gym).

Hope this helps.
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I've only been on it a week, but I am amazed already. I had already lost about 20 lbs on Fat Flush, but on Rosedale, my appetite has shrunk to - I cannot believe it. The leptin sensitivity must have really kicked in because I no longer want foods I should not have. (Not so on FF - it did nothing about leptin) And did I mention that in spite of already haveing lost, I lost an additional 6 lbs? Plus the food is like 100% better than Fat Flush and you don't have to give up salt & herbs & herbal tea, either. I actually felt like exercising on Rosedale, (not on Fat Flush). It is like a miracle to be from the tyranny of those cravings for sweets and potato chips. I love this guy for writing this book. I only wish I had found it years before now. Decades really. Plus, what a relief to know that my cravings were physiological and not at all psychological. All the condescending crap I had to put up with for years was TOTALLY wrong. I'd like to see those people exercise the kind of will power it took to fight your body 100% of the time. Now I know what it feels like NOT to even want too much or bad stuff.

AND I am post-meopausal and have had a weight problem all my life. Before FF, I was the heaviest I have ever been in my life, not sure I even want to mention the numbers. At least read this book. It has been miraculous to me.

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