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SEMO 10-22-2003 10:19 AM

Good Morning, thought I would take a quick break since I found the 1/2 bag of soybeans that I've been looking for! Something stupid I did but at least it's fixed.

Faye, could it be the RED HAIR that prompted your temper? I've had red hair a couple of times but it was by accident! :rolleyes:

So Tig, your having your own Trading Spaces Family Style. I don't know, boys and paint.......... word of caution.....DON'T LEAVE THE ROOM!

Hey to everyone else, more work to do. (((huz)))

Jello 10-22-2003 02:10 PM

Hey! Why'd I suddenly have to log in and enter my password here again!?!?! Boy, Semo, you think YOU'VE been forgotten!?! Mumble mumble..... :mad:

Anyways, not much going on here. BTW, Faye, I did read your post on the other thread and I don't think that gal should be upset or mad at you for any reason! You were quite reasonable. But I did like Semo's red hair comment. :lol:

Probably dropping off Watson at mom and dad's tonight and I'm sure they'll be trying to feed me. I guess that's what moms do?? :?: Anyway, it's going to be a challenge. But I'm up for it. Ahem .... "no thank you" ... "oh I'm sure it's delicious but I just couldn't" ... "no I'm not very hungry tonight".....

Man, can't even convince myself!!! :sorry: Hope the growling tummy doesn't give me away.

The good news is that it's finally stopped raining and some blue sky is showing through the clouds. :sunny: Nothing like the smell of a wet dog!

And speaking of animals, Brighter, how's kitty?

Uh oh, gotta run. Someone just loaded up my in box.... :p

gma22 10-22-2003 02:37 PM

Semo: Nope, I wasn't mad, just scared for this lady. When I said I probably made an enemy, it is because people don't like to be told the program they have decided on is dangerous. As for the red hair, honey I don't need that excuse! I have a temper no matter what Clairol product I have sunk into my scalp! :lol: Well, let's just say I can lose it easily. I am a pretty upbeat person most of the time.

Jello: I read that whole diet and it is scary especially is someone has any kind of sugar issues at all. Besides, I detest milk so that would be a definite NO GO for me! :lol: I have to re-log in from time to time and I never know why either! Hope that is not an indication they figure we are old so we will forget and they can get rid of us! :s:

Tig: When it gets close to the wedding, I will e-mail you and we can set something up. I haven't been down to my mom's grave in probably 18 months. When I lived there I could go down more frequently, but we never seem to have time to fit it in when we are up there (usually because we are on one of those 3 day weekend things!)

I did 3.2 miles today so guess I am up for this thing on Saturday!

I need to run. I haven't eaten any lunch.


QuilterInVA 10-23-2003 08:20 AM

Faye, you are right. I find it amazing the things people are willing to do in the name of weight loss - everything except the one thing that works - eat less of a healthy diet, skip the snack foods and deserrts most of the time and exercise. They slowly gained weight over time and expect to lose it in a week. Sadly, until reality sets in, permanent weight loss will be elusive. [Now stepping down from soapbox.]

Another busy day with Einstein here. Talk at you later!

Jello 10-23-2003 08:47 AM

Whew. Lots of soap boxes here. The thing, though, that's different about the soap boxes here rather than the usual is that what you guys are saying is sooooo true! I admit that I've tried some (not quite all :^: ) of those diets over the years. But I'd like to think I'm smarter than some folks in that I refuse to try the ones that have been called dangerous or sound totally absurd. (One exception - Anyone remember the "soft pretzel diet" of years ago?? :rolleyes: Couldn't look at another soft pretzel again for years! :lol: )

Anyway, Quilter hit it right on the head. Eat sensibly, get exercise, etc. etc. It's a slow process. Accept that and stick to it!

Oh cool. My own soapbox! :soap:

Hey Faye, I think I deserve one of your WTG's! This morning a woman brought in a box of candy bars that her son was selling for school. Good cause - a science fair where kids build robots or some such thing. Anyway, the candy bars were a dollar each. So I put a dollar into the envelope ... but didn't take the candy bar. Money for a good cause and good for me too. :D

Gotta run. Lots of stuff to finish up today. Dropped off Watson last night with mom and dad. I know they'll take good care of him and spoil him but it was still tough leaving him. He's my baby - my 14YO baby! :cry: But now I've got tonight to pack and take care of other little details. Have to leave the house by 5:30 tomorrow morning to get to the airport - the worst part of any trip. :stress:

Oh and we had ... gulp ... snow flurries this morning!!! :eek:


Cafe976 10-23-2003 09:38 AM

Morning all -

Faye & Quilter thank you both so much for the advice on the pedometers! You can see that I've never looked real hard, but I think this might have to be added to my shopping list.

Throat was swollen and sore so I stayed away from work yesterday. I'm hoping I nipped this in the bud because I'm fine today. Learning to be smart and not think I can push myself through only to spend the weekend in bed. I hope.

Jello - have fun on your trip! I hate the early-morning stuff too. At least it's usually it's easier to wake up than any other day.
WTG on the candy bar no-saying!

SEMO - congrats on the half bag of soybeans. I mean it sincerely, from one person who hates the where-did-I-put-my's to another.

Now I have a great mental image if Tiger's boys covered with THE PAINT. :s:

Oh yeah, and agreed on the fad diets. I feel so sad, because I can relate to wanting an easy cure. It's all another form of not wanting to face how or why we got fat. (Anything but that!)

SEMO 10-24-2003 09:31 AM

Hello. WooHoo, Itís Friday!
Had a surprise when I got home yesterday afternoon, someone had broken into our house. I normally go home at noon, and if I had yesterday I probably would have walked in on them. They knew exactly what they were looking for, they went straight to my sonís room and took five rifles and a box of knifes (some collectible) and a chainsaw off the carport. I slept maybe three hours last night and just have this creepy feeling knowing that someone was in my safe haven.
Well, I wanted a little excitement but this ainít what I had in mind. I wouldnít really care about the guns but one was DHís fathers that was passed down and two were guns that my brother had given my boys to remember him by. Just really TICKS me off, Iím going from being scared to angry. I just feel that itís someone that knows us, and thatís really creepy.

Well back to the inventory check list.

Tigerlily 10-24-2003 10:36 AM

Oh Semo, that sucks. I was robbed once in college. Did you have serial numbers and stuff so the police can notify the pawn shops? I had a stero stolen and a few other things that were luckily covered by my parents homeoweners insurance back then. The thought of someone being in your house. Grrrrr.

The boys have no school today. Fall break. It's paint day. They are already dressed in their old clothes. I told them they had to wait until I'd done some house work before we got started. I'm a little scared because the colors are so vibrant...but it's only paint. And paint can be gone over, right Jello?

Beds to make and laundry to get started.
Hope everyone has a good weekend.

I should add...I bravely got on the scale yesterday. I was scared I'd be back up over 200. Nope. 196. Grateful to be holding steady anyway.

Cafe976 10-24-2003 12:46 PM

Oh SEMO, that's just creepy. I'm so sorry that this happened to you. Hopefully, like Tig said, they can get them somehow.

It's Friday, everyone wants things last minute before the weekend, here. Better get back.

Tiger, be sure and tell us how things turn out. =)

QuilterInVA 10-24-2003 04:22 PM

SEMO, I know how you feel. Our house was broken into once and my jewelry was stolen as well as a little money my husband was squirreling away. I had my mother's engagement ring, my grandmother's wedding ring and a few other "good" pieces. Turned out to be the son of one of our friends. I never did get the jewelry back. He had pawned it and destroyed the tickets.

You are left feelin unsafe anywhere!

gma22 10-26-2003 07:17 AM

Semo: Sorry about your breakin. I am so glad you didn't go home that day! My sister had a breakin and ended up with a huge expensive security system to make the family feel safe. Hers was a bunch of neighborhood teens breaking into homes. This was at Christmas and of course they tore open presents, stole stuff and wrecked the house including fixing frozen pizza to eat etc. (Come to find out, they knew what parents had elementary kids and would be out of the house what night going to their kids' Christmas program and broke into their homes and stole stuff knowing they would be gone for awhile )

Tig: I am sure your kids had a blast. Sounds like real fun! About the only thing that would be really tough to cover is black so if it is ugly, just get some primer and start over like a blank canvas!

BTW: I did it, I did it! Here is a pic of me crossing the finish line yesterda. As you can see, I am a little overcome. This was a REALLY REALLY big deal for me and I was pretty emotional all through the race. I just feel so great that I was able to finish. I am wearing my prayer box necklace my son and his fiance gave me for my birthday and inside the box is a tiny piece of paper with FTRACE (finish the race) on it so my prayer got answered!

QuilterInVA 10-27-2003 08:21 AM

Congratulations on finishing the race. That is quite an accomplishment!

For those of us who can't do that, we can save the pink tops from Yoplait yogurt and send them in by 12/31/03. They are contributing 10 cents for each one to Breast Cancer research.

Busy Monday, but only 4 days this week - my friends and I are going on our quilting retreat this weekend.

SEMO 10-27-2003 09:46 AM

WOO HOO FAYE!!! We are so proud of you! Gosh with the new color I almost didn't recognize you! I like it, but think I like the blonde more. Just MHO, tho.

Yep, I just got off the phone with the security system guy and $1,200 dollars later we're getting a system put in next week. Merry Christmas to us. Grumbly...

Tig, how'd the room turn out? Did you have any painted boys?

Jello, where was it that you went? I have such a case of BRAIN FOG today and too lazy to look back.

Cafe, did you make it thru the weekend? TODAY, I'm starting FRESH.........

Girls, I've tons of stuff to do, so hello to everyone.

brighterdays 10-27-2003 03:40 PM

Hi all,

Took some vacation days this week to work on some cleaning and organizing---won't be room for Christmas presents if I don't get some of this clutter out! Busy weekend so laundry has piled up also.

The kitten is a male! Poor thing, I've been calling it a "she" for about two weeks now! I think I'm going to name it Rocky since it keeps swatting at the puppy....so far he can at least defend himself against a curious half-grown chewing puppy. The vet started it's preventive treatments and gave me a sample of dry food. I had already bought some moist kitten food to give him so we are doing well. I had to give him one bottle last night before bed---reminds me of my kids when they were tiny and needed that last bottle before bed. The puppy is doing wonderful---much less "accidents" now and generally happy with anyone who comes by and wants to play (mostly the kids' friends and family). Thanks to all for the pet tips!

Weight is standing still since Aunt Flo arrived. Still able to watch the carbs and is pretty much part of my eating routine these days. Sugar Free, Fat free Chocolate pudding and lite cool whip helped with the chocolate cravings last week.

Take care all. I'll try to get back later in the week.

:sunny: Bright

Cafe976 10-27-2003 04:32 PM

SEMO - LOL, no I didn't make it through the weekend. I'm starting fresh TODAY! too.

I had a real bad weekend with aunt flo. Woke me up at 3:00 a.m. Sat morning w/ severe cramps. Was up for hours in agony but eventually the heating pad put paid to the pain. Didn't do much on Saturday - DH was out most of the day and I have to admit that because I was kinda nauseated and nothing sounded good... I ate chocolate ice cream for breakfast. Don't tell, kay?

But, ya know, life keeps rolling along and it's a new day!

Congrats on the race, Faye! What an accomplishment. Big change with the red, overall I like it.

Yall, I'm so busy at work I can't stop and sya anymore.

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